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Install Bathtub Spouts in London

Install Bathtub Spouts in London

bathtub spout is used to divert a constant stream of water for filling a bathtub and avoiding splashes on the wall nearby. It is also an aesthetic fixture, being able to cover the pipe and matching the bathroom décor. No matter if you are installing a bathtub spout in London in a new bathroom or replacing an old one, our plumbers in London follow these steps to do the job.

Steps taken to install a bathtub spout in London, explained by plumbers near me

In order to set up a bathtub spout in London, our local plumbers follow these steps:

1. Removing the old spout, if any: if needed, the water is turned off and the faucets are opened so that all the water drains out of the current spout. Next, our plumbers in London verify underneath the spout for a setscrew. If so, it is loosened and taken off the spout;

2. Setting up the new tub spout in London: a joint compound is applied on the pipe thread. Then, the new spout is placed over the pipe and the screw is tightened. If the pipe is threaded, the spout can be screwed by hand. In case it needs more tightening, our plumber in London places a tape over the teeth of the water-pump pliers to avoid scratching, and the spout is tightened until it is fixed.

3. Caulking along the spout: a silicone caulk is applied at the points where the spout touches the wall, whipping off any excess caulk. The caulk is left to dry and then the water is turned back on.

Why replace a bathtub spout in London?

bathtub spout in London might have to be replaced by our emergency plumber inLondon due to some of the following causes:

• The diverter could get damaged in time so that it does not block the water flow anymore to conduct the water to the showerhead;

• The threads which are connecting the pipe to the spout can rust or crack, enabling the water to drip into the wall, causing unwanted damage;

• The spout finish can flake off or rust or the finish could necessitate an updating in case all the other appliances in the bathroom are replaced.

If you require more info about tub spouts, or any plumbing services in London, we invite you to get in touch with our experienced local plumbers.