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Install Ice Maker Water Line in London

Install Ice Maker Water Line in London

The water line is an essential component of any refrigerator with an ice maker or water dispenser, or both of these. In this article, our plumber in London explains how he installs an ice maker water line in London.

Having a water-supply pipe in London, explained by plumbers near me

When a water-supply pipe is available already, our plumbers in London can set up the ice maker water line in London quite rapidly.

First, they acquire a few meters of ¼” by ¼” flex line and attach one end of this line to the fixture behind the refrigerator and the other end to the fixture on the water supply valve.

Next, the water supply is turned on and the ice maker water line of the refrigerator in London is verified for leaks.

The fixtures are tightened as necessary, utilizing an adjustable wrench or channel-type pliers.

What if there is no water supply pipe available for the refrigerator in London?

If there is not a water supply pipe available for the ice maker water line in London, our plumber in London will take the following measures:

•    Finding another location to connect the water line;
•    Replacing the existing fittings from the water supply lines with a new 3-way angle stop or, alternatively, add a tee fixture;
•    Acquiring a longer flex line to connect the water pipe to the fridge;
•    Disconnecting the current water line: our emergency plumber inLondon find the shut-off valve and they turn the water off. Afterwards, they disconnect the faucet supply tube on the shut-off valve;
•    Attaching the adapter: the Adapt-A-Tee adapter is connected to the shut-off valve, tightening it by hand and then by pliers;
•    Connecting the water pipes: the ¼” fridge flex line is connected to the tee and it is tightened;
•    Connecting the refrigerator: the end of the flex line is connected to the ¼” water supply fixture on the fridge;
•    The faucet shut-off valve is turned back on and it is verified for any leaks;
•    Leaks are verified also at the point where the flex tube is connected to the refrigerator before placing the appliance in its place.

If you need to install a water line refrigerator in London, or for any plumbing services in London you might need, you are welcome to speak to one of our experienced local plumbers.