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Install Outdoor Misting Systems in London

Install Outdoor Misting Systems in London

Outdoor misting systems in London are gaining popularity among homeowners who are looking to feel more comfortable in the tropical climate of the city-state while relaxing on their gardens or terraces. Even though setting up a misting system is not a complicated task, it does require a significant amount of time and experience to be effectuated properly. In this article, our emergencyplumber in London explains how we install an outdoor misting system in London.

Steps taken by plumbers near me to install an outdoor misting system in London

When setting up an outdoor misting system, our plumbers in London take the following steps:

Taking the measurements: these measurements start at the junction of the mist tubing. From the pressure pump and the mist pipe, our local plumbers measure the desired end point;

Hanging the lines: it is important to place them around 8’ above the ground to function correctly;

Joining the lines: the lines are joined with a standard compression fitting. This fitting presents a nut on the exterior and interior of the ferule;

Setting up the third line: a cushion clamp is placed over the mist line and it is attached to the joint with a wood screw;

Setting up the fourth line and tightening the fittings: there is one more section of a line which has to be set up with a 90-degree compression fitting. The 90-degree elbow is slipped on the end of the third mist pipe and the connection is tightened solidly by using a pair of wrenches;

Setting up the pressure tubing by our plumber in London: the pressure tubing is installed from the back of the pressure pump to the misting pipes;

Inserting the tubing into the compression coupling: the nut and ferule are slipped before inserting the tubing inside the compression coupling at the beginning point of the mist pipe;

Turning on the water and the pump: the water will start leaking out of the welded nozzles. Our local plumbers will verify the welded nozzles for bleeding.

Measures taken after the outdoor misting system in London has been installed

After the outdoor misting system in London has been installed, it is important to effectuate these regular checks:

Monitoring the system: the tubing, mainly if it is fastened to brick or a rough area, has to be regularly checked by our emergnecy plumber in London when the misting system is put in its place;

Checking the pump: it is important to also check the pump;

Verify the nozzles on a regular basis: the nozzles which look to have irregular spray have to be inspected. This could indicate that sediment is blocking the water flow of the nozzle.

If you have more questions about setting up an outdoor misting system in London, or for any plumbing services in London you need, please get in touch with our friendly local plumbers.