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Installing a Hot Water Recirculating System in London

Installing a Hot Water Recirculating System in London

Houses in London can be modernized with various types of equipment which can increase the comfort of the owners. The hot water recirculation system is one of the fixtures which is used to improve both the comfort, but also the economy of London homeowners.

The hot water recirculation system is actually a pump installed on the hot water main pipe or on the cold water line feeding the heater which keeps the water warm permanently. Below, our plumbers in London explain how to have a hot water recirculation pump installed in your home.

Steps taken by plumbers near me for installing a hot water recirculation system in a London home

Hot water recirculation systems come in various designs, however, they all fulfill the same function and involve the same installation steps. They can be installed by homeowners or by a plumber in London by following the next steps:

1.       it is very important to shut down all the water supply sources in the house, the main line is usually turned off in order to make sure no pipes burst when beginning to work;
2.       remove the shut-off valves on the pipe where the hot water recirculation pump will be installed and disconnect the line;
3.       place the recirculation pump and fix it to the line or to the floor and then connect it to the valves, depending on the type of installation;
4.       secure the pump by tightening the connection with the valves or the direct line leading to the water heater;
5.       turn on the water, make sure there are no leaks and check if the pump is working correctly.

It should be noted that most hot water recirculation systems are electronic, therefore they will need to be programmed. That is why it is best to have an emergency plumber inLondon do the work.

Why have a hot water recirculation pump installed?

The greatest advantage of a hot water recirculation system is the water saved while we wait for it to warm up before we start using it. Liters of water are saved daily by London homeowners who have had hot water recirculation systems installed. Being able to program it, this type of pump will also help in saving energy.

If you want to have a hot water recirculation pump installed in your home, please feel free to contact our plumbers in London for a quick and hassle-free procedure.