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Installing a Solar Water Heater

Installing a Solar Water Heater

There is an increasing number of homeowners in London who are choosing to install a solar water heater, in order to preheat the supply which comes into their household water heaters

This temperature boosting method is simple, quite cheap and it can be easily adapted to the current plumbing systems.

Installation procedure of solar water heaters in London, explained by plumbers near me

A cheap alternative for a solar water heater is represented by the FAFCO’s Hot2O system, which utilizes unglazed polymer collectors, and not glazed flat-plates. Our plumber in London can offer more details about this type of solar water heater.

In order to install such a solar water heater, our plumbers in London follow this procedure:

• Connecting the roof sections: the FAFCO kit’s push-together fixtures do not imply any complicated soldering or connections;

• Connecting the PEX tubing: the FAFCO’s kit’s plastic PEX water lines are easily dissected and they are very flexible. Therefore, they can be easily connected with the utility room pipes;

• Installing the leak-proof system: the flashing panels finished with rubber grommets constitute the leak-proof roof penetrations. The panels are held in place by hold-down straps.

What is the ideal location for the solar thermal panels in London?

In order to attain maximum efficiency, our plumbers in London recommend you to place the solar panels on a roof which is facing South at a 30-degree angle to the horizontal and in a location away from shadows made by trees, chimneys and so on.

Certain panels need a regular basis check of the unit and connections, or to be wiped on the panel glass with a mild detergent.

Our local plumbers will make sure to give you all the instructions in writing on the maintenance checks if any, which should be effectuated at regular times.

Remember, because of their location, maintenance can be quite challenging when the solar panels are installed on the roof.

If you would like to have a solar water heating system installed on your property, or for any other type of plumbing services in London, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our local plumbers.