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Installing Cupboard Locks

Installing Cupboard Locks

Installing cupboard locks can save your baby or small child from a lot of unwanted accidents. They are easy to set up and quite affordable, so why not prevent an unpleasant injury or an even worse accident by acquiring this type of locks? In this article, our emergencyplumber in London explains how we set them up and the different types of cupboard locks which are found on the market.

How our plumbers in London set up cupboard locks

Cupboard locks are quite rapidly and easily installed by our plumbers in London. They come in different colors and styles, therefore they can blend with the design of the room very nicely, as well.

All kitchen and bathroom cupboards should be equipped with cupboard locks. Some of these locks can be set up at the inside of the door and others, on the exterior side.

After some time it is natural that your child will learn how to unlock them, however, for the first few years of his or her life, they are extremely useful for preventing any accidents and injuries.

Dangers presented by cupboards in your London home

There are many potential dangers which can be brought by cupboards in your home, among which our plumber in London would like to mention:

• In cupboards, there can be dangerous items like sharp knives or poisonous substances;

• Cupboard doors can shut over your baby’s hand, causing a serious injury of his or her fingers;

• All the contents of the cupboard can be thrown across a room in an instant by your child just because it seems like a fun activity;

• Cupboard doors can be slammed all the time. This, quite frankly, can get on anyone’s nerves.

What types of cupboard locks can plumbers near me install? 

Cupboard locks come in many types, such as:

Magnetic locks: these are installed by our emergency plumber inLondon on the outside of the cupboard. The locks are screwed securely from the inside. The lock is released through a magnetic release key;

Multi-purpose locks: they are installed by using an adhesive. Our local plumbers make sure to let it sit for around 10 minutes after the remover is applied;

Cord cabinet locks: these are appropriate for cupboards with round knobs. They are extremely easy to use, even by a single hand.

For more information about installing child safety cabinet locks, or for any plumbing services in London that you might need, we invite you to speak to our friendly staff.