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Our Plumbing Tools and Accessories in London

Our Plumbing Tools and Accessories in London

Our team of experienced plumbers in London use the best and most performant plumbing tools and accessories. We make sure we have the most up-to-date, quality plumbing products and accessories so that the jobs effectuated by our local plumbers last for a long time. Here are a few of the plumbing tools and accessories we use.

Mastercraft pipe wrench set in London

A wrench is a plumbing tool utilized in London to offer grip and mechanical advantage when applying moment of force (the inclination of a force to rotate an object around an axis) to turn things, like nuts and bolts, or to prevent them from turning.


•    Three wrenches pack;
•    Handles fabricated from cast-iron for a better durability and strength;
•    Ridged jaws for an appropriate moment of force.

Pex clamp cinch tool

A Pex clamp cinch tool is used by a plumber in London in tight places, as a ratcheting system in which the cinch tool grasps a connector on its both sides and ratches them together.


•    Pex cinch tool for diverse tubing sizes;
•    To be used for all Pex pipes;
•    The tool releases only if the connection is thorough.

Plumbshop tailpiece washer

The tailpiece washer is utilized between the shank of the sink strainer and the lip of the tailpiece with the coupling nut which makes the connection. 


•    Tailpiece washer for the sink;
•    One in each package.

Amazing Goop Plumbing Epoxy Paste

Epoxy pastes are plumbing accesories utilized by a plumberin London  for difficult tasks like sealing, bonding and filling voids. 


•    It confers a permanent, tough adhesion;
•    Welds steel, aluminum, brass, ceramic, copper, plastics and glasses;
•    Impermeable to water, grease, oil, fuel, chemicals and detergents.

Internal Pipe Wrench Set

An internal pipe wrench is used to be inserted inside a broken fitting and it can be easily twisted in order to remove it.


•    Utilized for removing a broken threaded end of a pipe or for pipe plugs and fittings;
•    It disposes of chrome plated finish.

Apollo Pex Crimp Tool

A crimp tool is utilized to conjoin a couple of pieces of metal by bending one or both of them so that they can hold each other.


•    It can crimp two sizes of Pex crimp rings;
•    To be utilized with Apollo Pex crimp rings.

These are only a few examples of the plumbing tools and accessories in London we use to respond to our clients’ needs. If you are experiencing any plumbing issue, our emergency plumber in London can quickly assist you to resolve it. Do not wait until the problem gets bigger, contact us now! You can always rely on our plumber for assistance.