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Outdoor Plumbing Tips

Outdoor Plumbing Tips

Outdoor plumbing is important because it avoids the waste of water and money on unnecessary bills which can take place in case of a leak or a deficiency of the outdoor plumbing system. To avoid this from happening, here are a few outdoor plumbing tips from our plumbers in London.

1. Outdoor faucets in London

Verify all the exterior faucets and hose bibs to ensure that the water flows without any obstructions. In case an outdoor faucet is hardly flowing or there is a leak when the hose is turned on the first time around, a pipe might have been damaged and it has to be fixed.

2. Conserve water 

Even for those who utilize an outdoor spigot for a garden hose, they have to ensure they are not wasting water and money due to a slow leak.

A slow leak from an exterior spigot could waste 75.7 liters of water daily, which leads to a monthly waste of water of 1892.7 liters.

To test if there is a leak of the garden hose, our plumber in London recommends you to turn off the faucet and wait until all the still water from inside has fallen out.

Afterwards, place a newspaper under the spigot and weight it down by placing a rock. Later on, come back to see if the newspaper is still dry.

3. Have leak-proof seals in London

Having leak-proof seals for your outdoor faucets is an important outdoor plumbing tip. In case you notice an outdoor faucet is leaking, our plumbers in London can easily and inexpensively replace it.

Our local plumbers always use a plumber’s tape to make sure the seal is leak-proof when setting up a new outdoor faucet. 

4. Can plumbers near me verify the septic system in London?

The septic tanks should be checked and pumped by our emergency plumber inLondon every three to five years to help avoid an expensive replacement of the filter field.

Also, keep a detailed record of all the maintenance works effectuated on the septic system, including repairs, pumpings, permits and inspections.

Preserve a sketch of the location of the septic system and any other helpful information, too.

In case you would like to know more outside plumbing maintenance tips, or in need of any plumbing services in London, our local plumbers are ready to help. Please contact us.