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Plumber Wimbledon

Plumber Wimbledon

If you live in Wimbledon and you are in need of plumbing servicesour local plumbers can assist you in numerous issues that can appear in your home. Our plumber in Wimbledon can provide a wide range of installation services, from installing new systems to repairing parts of your plumbing system, but you can also request plumbing maintenance services (in the latter case, our plumber in London can help you with gas safety checks – which must be done on a yearly basis, or with boiler maintenance services). 

What are the main plumbing services in Wimbledon? 

Individuals living in Wimbledon or those who run a business here can address to our local plumbers, who can help them in a variety of domestic or commercial plumbing issues. It is also necessary to know that you can also address to our emergency plumber in London if you experience any emergency plumbing. Our emergency services are available at any hour of the day, regardless of the day of the week or national holidays. 

Wimbledon is located in the Southern region of Greater London and it comprises the following boroughs: the Village, Wimbledon Park, Hillside Dundonald, Raynes Park and Trinity and if you currently live in any of these regions you can easily address to our local plumbers. When dealing with a plumbing issue it is best to request professional assistance from plumbers operating near your region. 

This is also given by the fact that London is such a large city and a plumber in London working in another part of the city will be able to arrive at your premises, but it will take much longer time and this can also be reflected in the overall fees charged by the plumber for the plumbing services. In order to avoid these issues, you can simply call our plumber in Wimbledon, who has the necessary expertise in handling numerous plumbing situations

Our plumber in Wimbledon is certified to provide specific services and you can rest assured that the quality of the work meets the required standards in the field. Some of the common services you can request from our plumber in Wimbledon are presented in the list below: 

  • general plumbing services for your bathroom or your kitchen;
  • installation of various appliances and radiators, as well as heating controls;
  • finding faulty plumbing and heating issues, using specific methods;
  • installing hot water cylinders and resolving issues related to unvented systems;
  • tracing leaking pipes and other leakages in your home;
  • installing underfloor heating systems, which are now very popular when dealing with new construction projects or with renovation projects;
  • renovating bathrooms and kitchens and other rooms where plumbing devices are installed. 

We can assist in many types of house renovation projects. One of them is when our clients need to replumb a house. This is one major house renovation project that can cost GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000.

Considering the complexity of the project, our team will explain all the procedures involved, the materials clients can choose from, the pipes options and any other matter that can be of interest for our clients.

Our plumbers are not available only in the region of Wimbledon, as we have teams that develop plumbing activities across the entire city. In the case you need a plumber in Ilford, please contact us, as we can put you in contact with our team working in this town.

Our plumber can present the types of services he can provide, the costs for each type of plumbing service, etc.

You can also rely on our plumber in Wimbledon for fixing water faucets or installing new ones, fixing dripping taps and blocked drains, resolving any problem related to the toiles and toilets tanks. Our local plumbers can also help you install new bathtubs or showers. 

We invite you to watch a short presentation on the main plumbing services in Wimbledon

Why become a plumber in Wimbledon? 

Becoming a plumber in Wimbledon or in other parts of London can be a very lucrative profession. Most of the plumbers earn a good salary, that will provide them with a decent standard of living, but one should know that certain local plumbers can earn a very high salary from the services they provide, being compared with the salaries of professionals with university degrees and master programs. At the moment, the following are available:

  • in 2019, the average hourly salary for a plumber in UK was of GBP 15,80;
  • the highest average salary was for a plumber in London, which had a salary of GBP 17,10 per hour;
  • an apprentice plumber will work under the supervision of an experienced plumber for approximately 30 hours per week;
  • the apprenticeship will generally last approximately 2 or 3 years;
  • plumber in Wimbledon can start the specific activities associated with this profession when obtaining a Level 3 Certificate (Level 2 is accepted for trainees providing plumbing and other water related services), which are granted by the British Plumbing Employers Council.  

Currently, this profession is represented by approximately 120,000 plumbing and heating specialists, who are registered with the local authorities.  A part of them work as self-employed, but, as a general rule, plumbers work in a company. A plumber in London which provides commercial plumbing services will generally earn GBP 34,000 in a financial year, which is above the average salary in this country (GBP 27,217).  

How can our plumber in Wimbledon fix bathroom plumbing issues?

By far, bathroom and kitchen plumbing issues are the most common requests our clients send to us. This is given by the fact that most of the common plumbing issues appear in these two rooms, as here one can find an intricate system of pipes, devices and appliances that can brake due to constant usage. 

In one’s bathroom, one can have a wide range of plumbing issues with the bathtub, the shower, the sink, the toilet, the water tank, with the water faucets or with the radiators. These cases can generally be resolved by our local plumbers with minor interventions, but in some cases, a large plumbing project may be needed, depending on the gravity of the case. 

In some cases, our plumber in Wimbledon can deal with more complex cases and this can apply when you have a dripping pipe that is out of reach (the pipe issue can appear inside a wall or inside the floor, and in this particular situation, you should expect a very complex repair procedure). You can find below some of the ways in which our local plumbers can help you when dealing with plumbing issues occurring in your bathroom: 

  • resolving toilet blockages, noisy toilets or resolving the flow of water in your toilet tank;
  • repairing leaking toilets or any issues that can appear on the push buttons;
  • inserting new pipes if necessary or fixing the old ones through various solutions, which can vary based on the nature of the issue;
  • installing any bathroom object in the case in which you started a bathroom renovation project;
  • providing counselling services in choosing various products for your bathroom when starting a renovation project or when repairing or replacing a radiator, shower, sink, etc.

If you want to start a bathroom renovation project, you can rely on our team for professional services and assistance in choosing the most suitable products for your bathroom. For instance, if you want to renovate your bathroom, you can introduce new appliances that your previous bathroom did not have. In the case you want to replace an old bathtub, you now have the option of purchasing a new bathtub that provides luxury items that you can normally find in a spa or hotels, such as steam systems, water jets, jacuzzi systems and others. 

Our local plumbers can also advise on the newest systems that one can purchase nowadays, which are designed to save water, as environmental issues have become more and more important at a global level, and one of the ways in which they can be resolved is by modifying small, but important aspects of the everyday life of each household. Our plumber can present the main water-saving fixtures you can introduce in your bathroom, which are not only useful for environmental issues, but also to reduce the value of the water bill

What types of appliances can plumbers near me fix?

Our plumber in Wimbledon is also qualified to help clients in fixing or installing various home appliances that one can typically find in a London homeOur plumber can install and repair some of the following appliances: electric cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, gas cookers, tumbler dryer and other similar appliances. 

In order to repair or install these appliances, the plumber performing the task will need to have the necessary certifications and you must know that our plumbers in London are qualified to provide such services. For instance, when installing an electric cooker, our specialist will have to comply with certain minimum requirements, such as a separate current circuit, created especially for the electric cooker. 

When dealing with repairing services, you must know that our plumber will provide all the parts that have to be replaced and you should also be aware that the services provided by our specialist will have a guarantee of minimum one year. When addressing to our team, you should simply present the current issue that you have with your appliance and present the model that you have, and our plumber will arrive at your premises with all the necessary tools and parts in order to fix the appliance. 

If you have a washing machine or a dryer that doesn’t spin or start, you can address to our specialist. A dryer that makes too much noise can also be an issue, as the appliance is not designed to have a high noise level and this means that there can be a problem with its internal system. Not drying the clothes as necessary can represent a problem and you can easily call our local plumbers to verify what is the source of the issue.  

If you more information on the plumbing services available in Wimbledon, we invite you to contact our local plumbersOur plumber in Wimbledon is ready to assist you in common plumbing issues, but you can also address to us for emergency situations that can appear in your home.