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Plumbing Tips for Remodeling an Old Bathroom

Plumbing Tips for Remodeling an Old Bathroom

If you plan to remodel an old bathroom, it is important to realize that this is an important job which should be done carefully by qualified plumbers in London. Follow these tips and make sure your old bathroom will be looking great and be functional, as well.

Utilizing the appropriate tiles in London, with the assistance of an emergency plumber in London

Obviously, the bathroom is the room where you want the tiles to be easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, our plumber in London advises you to avoid tiles fabricated from porous materials, such as stone.

In this case, your best option should be porcelain or glazed tiles.

Or, in case you would like to increase the safety in the room, choose the ones with texture surfaces, matte finishing or which have sand in their glazes.

Choose a high-performance toilet in your London bathroom

One of the most important plumbing tips for remodeling an old bathroom is to choose a high-performance toilet.

There is a wide variety of highly efficient toilets on the local market, which also conserve water and are good for the environment.

Beware of old pipes in London

In old bathrooms, there is a chance the pipes are made from cast iron. This type of system is not so easily detectable for deterioration, since cast iron roots from inside out. This might make them look good on the outside. 

However, this type of pipes might present thin walls which may fail anytime. 

To see whether this might be the issue in your old bathroom, our plumbers in London recommend you to tap the pipe at some point other than the hubs with a heavy screwdriver or a steel wrench.

If you notice a variation in the tone frequency, this might indicate a buildup of solid materials or thin walls generated by corrosion. In both cases, the pipe may have to be repaired or replaced.

The same can happen for the entire property, in the case in which you live in an old English house. Our plumbers can inspect the property and tell you what course of action you should take – change parts of the plumbing system or replumb the house.

In many cases, the only reasonable action will be to replumb the entire property and our team can present what your best scenarios can be in this situation.

Mind the electrical system

Remodeling an old bathroom is the ideal opportunity to have the electrical system modernized. This is very important when you live in an older house.

The new electrical system has to be able to keep up safely with modern gadgets and appliances.

For more advice on remodeling an old bathroom, or if you request any plumbing services in London, we kindly invite you to contact our friendly team of local plumbers.