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Plumbing Tips to Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Plumbing Tips to Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can prove to be dangerous rooms for a baby, especially for toddlers who are curious and start exploring the house in the least expected moments. In this article, our plumber in London come up with a few plumbing tips to baby proof your bathroom so that the new member of your family stays safe at all times.

Water safety in your London bathroom

Standing water and hot water are serious dangers in your bathroom. In order to prevent any unfortunate events, our plumbers in London advise you to follow these plumbing tips to baby proof the bathroom:

• Do not leave a baby or a young child by himself or herself in the tub, or under the supervision of another child, ever, not even for one second. 

• Set up a hook and an eye latch high on the bathroom door, in a spot which cannot be reached by children. Keep the bathroom door locked when the room is not being utilized;

• Set up toilet lid locks.

In order to decrease the risk of being scalded, our emergency plumber inLondon recommend parents to put the hot water heater thermostat under 120 degrees F. They are also advised to cover the faucets with rubber guards to avoid burns.

Other tips to keep your baby safe in your bathroom in London

In order to make sure you have a baby proof bathroom, follow these tips from our emergencyplumber in London, as well:

• Any hot, poisonous, heavy or sharp items should be kept out of reach and out of sight from the baby;

• Any exposed water pipes, which can be usually seen in older houses, have to be covered with purpose-built or foam protectors to avoid burns and bumps;

• Utilize non-slip mats on the floor, in the shower and in the tub;

• Make sure the free units and mirrors on the wall are securely fastened;

• Any medication or cleaning products have to be stored out of reach in a secure, preferably locked cupboard.

It is very important to follow these tips in order to have a baby proof bathroom. The best method, though, is mom’s and dad’s attentive eye. Remember, it is never safe to leave a baby, a young child or a toddler alone in the bathroom. 

For more details about baby proofing your bathroom, or if you request any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our team of local plumbers. We also invite you to check out our article on how to baby proof your kitchen.

You can also call us you want to replumb your kitchen or your bathroom, these being the 2 most common rooms in the house which can need replumbing.

We also advise you to contact us if you need to replumb a house. We can present the cost involved (minimum GBP 10,000) and can help you understand the procedures involved and the required time to complete this activity, in case you will need to relocate for a short-period of time.