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Plumbing Tips to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

Plumbing Tips to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

No matter whether you are expecting a baby or having one to just visit you, kitchen safety is very important in order to keep him or her safe from all the dangers of this environment. In this article, our plumbers in London present a few tips to baby proof your kitchen.

Measures to be taken to baby proof your kitchen in London

There are several areas in your kitchen which should be taken care of in order to protect babies. These areas are the stove and its burners, the kitchen pipes, the garbage disposal and the cleaning products kept in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

To prevent the baby from reaching under the kitchen sink where the plumbing is found, our emergency plumber in London advises you to utilize a multi-purpose strap lock which can be easily set up, however, is only easy to utilize by a grown-up.

Other fixtures which should be taken care of are the stovetop, the microwave and diverse kitchen supplies, as well as all the sharp items which can be found here.

A good plumbing tip to baby proof your kitchen would be to remodel your entire kitchen before the baby is born. Our trained, experienced plumbers in London can advise you and help you include all the changes in the renovation plan.

Adopt child safe habits in your London kitchen, instructed by plumbers near me 

In order to keep your baby safe in the kitchen, adopt the following habits which should keep him or her safe and away from any unfortunate accidents:

Place the objects into the cabinets immediately after you have finished utilizing them: any sharp items like knives or objects which can break such as china or glasses might cause a severe injury if left at the baby’s reach;

Do not place anything hanging over the cabinet edges: this implies items like towels, electrical cords, pan handles and so on. Our London plumbing professionals warn you that these might be pulled by the baby, causing everything to fall on him or her;

Be careful where you place the hot beverages: be very careful about where you place the hot tea or coffee. Babies tend to be curious and knock it over, which may cause a serious scalding;

Unplug all the appliances: immediately after you have finished using the blender or toaster, unplug it and place it away.

For more tips on baby proofing your kitchen, or for any kind of plumbing services in London, please get in touch with our team of local plumbers.