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Pool and Fountain Leaks in London

Pool and Fountain Leaks in London

Our experienced plumbers in London are experts at detecting pool and fountain leaks. No matter whether you are a real estate owner, a pool or fountain installer or have a property maintenance business, we can help you detect the pool and fountain leaks in London in a timely and reliable manner. 

Pool leaks in London

When a pool is leaking, it could produce substantial damages, as well as high water bills that could add up to a great expense. It is estimated by our plumbers in London that a leak of the size of a pinhole located in the pool plumbing system could lead to a waste of more than 1,300,000 l (360,000 gallons) of water yearly. Multiply that with the price you pay per liter and you realize you have a huge problem which wastes your savings.

Furthermore, it is assessed that one in every twenty pools presents a leak. Pool leaks in London are therefore an issue which is commonly met and our  localplumbers are ready to fix this situation before it gets worse.

In order to verify whether your pool has leaks in London, look for the following signs which can indicate you might have such a problem:

•    the appearance of algae right after the chemical treatment;
•    tiles that are falling or that are loose;
•    a loss of one-eighth inch(0.32 cm) or more of water during a 24-hourr time frame;
•    pool shell cracks and gaps;
•    cracks in the pool deck;
•    other signs. An emergencyplumber in London can offer more details on what these other signs consist of.

Repairing pool and fountain leaks – a service provided by our plumbers in London

When repairing pool and fountain leaks in London, our local plumbers use the following techniques and equipment:

•    diving and underwater testing;
•    pressure testing consisting of water and/or air testing;
•    testing of tracer gas – by using helium molecular analysers;
•    other methods and equipment. We can give you more details on what these other methods and equipment can be.

For more information on pool and fountain leaks in London, or if you would like to speak to a plumbing services expert in London, please get in touch with us.