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Repair a Leaky Shut Off Valve

Repair a Leaky Shut Off Valve

shut off valve which is leaking can generate a lot of water waste and quite a mess. It may leak at different points and knowing how to fix it is important to have your home safe. In this article, our plumber in London explains how he repairs a leaky shut off valve.

Loose packing nuts of the shut off valve in London

Generally, shut off valves leak because of loose packing nuts. Our plumbers in London will utilize a wrench to stop the leak, if that is the case.

A lot of shut off valves have packing nuts or packing materials around the valve stem. The packing may decrease its dimensions or get worn out in time, causing a water leak around the valve stem.

This happens most of the times after a person has closed and opened the valve in order to fix it or for another reason.

The way our plumbers in London repair such a leaky shut off valve is by holding the valve body with a wrench and turning the packing nut clockwise with a second one.

The procedure has to be gentle, though. If tightened too much, the valve will not turn. 

Keep in mind that quarter-turn shut off valves do not come with a packing nut. In case such a valve leaks around the stem, our local plumbers will have to replace it.

Shut off valve washer in London is leaking

This is generally noticeable when the shut off valve is turned off. A lot of valves are seldom utilized, therefore it is quite difficult to notice that they do not shut off the water entirely.

In order to replace the washer, our emergency plumber in London takes the valve apart from the valve body nut. 

The valve comes out in two pieces. The washer is fixed by a brass screw. Our local plumber will acquire one of the same dimension and install the new washer. 

Afterwards, he will replace the stem assembly in the body of the valve. With a new washer set up, the valve should shut off properly and the leak should be stopped.

In case you need to fix a water shut off valve which is leaking, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, please speak to our friendly local plumbers.

This is not a major plumbing issue, but it is one that can become an inconvenience in the household of a person. Our plumbers can easily solve it and can help you in all types of plumbing situations, including in large projects.

For instance, if you want to replumb a house or an apartment or another type of dwelling, you can rely on our team for professional services.

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