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Repair Cast-Iron Toilet Flange in London

Repair Cast-Iron Toilet Flange in London

A toilet flange is a piece which connects a toilet to the waste pipe under it. In some older houses, our emergency plumber in London has discovered that often the toilet flange is made of cast-iron, which is a very brittle material.

Here is how we repair cast-iron toilet flanges in London.

Steps taken to fix cast-iron toilet flanges in London

In order to fix cast-iron toilet flanges in London, we take the following measures:

1.    The shut-off valve from behind the toilet is closed so that the water flow is stopped;
2.    The toilet tank lid is removed. The toilet is flushed and the flush lever is held down so that as much water as possible is flushed out;
3.    Our plumber in London reaches inside the tank and unscrews the ball float;
4.    The nuts are removed from the closet bolts;
5.    The water-supply line from underneath the toilet tank is unscrewed;
6.    The toilet is lifted and removed from the bathroom.

How can plumbers near me set up the new toilet flange?

In order to set up the new toilet flange in London, our plumbers in London follow the procedure mentioned below:

1.    The wax gasket is scraped away from the closet flange;
2.    The extension rings are removed so that the cast-iron toilet flange in London is uncovered;
3.    In case the toilet flange is extremely corroded, the flange is chopped out;
4.    The toilet flange is pulled out of the cast-iron drainpipe;
5.    The debris and dust are vacuumed from near the drainpipe and the floor;
6.    Wood blocks are placed around the drainpipe to maintain the new toilet flange at the proper height;
7.    An emergency plumber inLondon then sets up a plastic expansion toilet flange in the cast-iron drainpipe;
8.    The screws inside the flange are tightened;
9.    A rubber toilet gasket is placed on the bolts and on the toilet flange in London;
10.    The toilet is placed back on its place on top of the gasket;
11.    A plastic washer, hex nut and stainless-steel  washer are placed on each toilet bolt;
12.    The water-supply line is reattached to the underneath toilet tank;
13.    The ball float is screwed back on the flush valve;
14.    The shut-off valve is opened and the toilet is flushed to make sure it is functioning correctly.

If you need to repair a cast iron toilet flange in London, or any other plumbing services in London, please speak to our local plumbers