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Repair or Replace Urinal Bowls in London

Repair or Replace Urinal Bowls in London

Generally, urinals in London use 3.7 l of water per flush or maybe less than that compared to toilets, which utilize approximately 6.05 l for each flush. This can mean an important saving for your business for the long term, which is why urinals are installed in most company bathrooms nowadays. If the urinal is clogged, blocked or not functioning properly, it is time to ask a plumber in London to take care of the job. We have been repairing and replacing urinal bowls in London for many years, therefore you can count on us to solve any issue you might be experiencing with urinals. You can always address to our emergency plumber in London if you have any urgent matter.  

Most common problems with urinal bowls in London

Usually, our local plumbers are confronted with the following issues that require repair or replacement of urinal bowls in London:

•    Backed up drain: if there is a backed up liquid level in the bowl, most likely it is due to the clogging of the drain holes or a blockage caused by sediment of the main line;
•    Low pressure of the flush: in case the installation does not discharge enough water to push the waste into the drain, it might be necessary to turn up the regulator water flow;
•    High water volume: if the lines release too much water, it might be necessary to turn the water pressure intake down, by turning on the fresh water feed knob. 
•    Unusual noises: they could be caused by blockages or sediment in the water line. An emergency plumber in London can fix this issue;
•    Urinal bowl not flushing: if this is the case, the main intake line could be off or the system might be broken down somewhere. This urinal bowl repair in London could be comprised of replacing pipes or valves through the entire water line of the bathroom. 

Advantages of urinals in London

Why urinal bowls in London instead of the usual toilets? Here are a few reasons, mainly if you have many men working or living in the same place:

•    Firstly, they are less time consuming, as they require less time spent waiting to be utilized;
•    Also very important, they help you save money on the water bills, as they consume less water;
•    Cleaner: there is no toilet seat therefore less mess;
•    They occupy less space, meaning there can be more urinals installed.

If you need to replace or fix urinals in London, we can assist you with this type of job. Please contact our plumbers in London