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Repair Toilet Bowl Leaks in London

Repair Toilet Bowl Leaks in London

Toilet bowl leaks in London are a quite common thing to happen in a lot of residences here. Toilet bowl leaks can be of different categories and it is recommended to let a professional plumber in London take care of such a job, as it tends to be quite complex and specialized. 

Toilet bowl leak categories in London

When it comes to residential, as well as commercial real estate, toilets can break down because of different reasons.

Sometimes, the water could start leaking from the base of the toilet on the floor. This could be happening because the seal has worn out or because of an improper installation. Or maybe when a heavy object is dropped on the toilet, this might cause the toilet bowl in London to leak because of the cracks produced. In the case of an emergency, please call our emergency plumber in London

Other times, the flushing mechanism of the toilet could also cause it to leak, which could waste a lot of water. A plumber in London will make the appropriate diagnosis of the problem and repair or, in certain cases, even replace the toilet bowl if necessary.

How can plumbers near me help in repairing toilet bowls?

Our local plumbers are aware of the fact that the toilet bowl is a part of the entire plumbing system. There are certain parts that make a toilet bowl function appropriately. The majority of the toilet bowl parts are found inside the flush tank, which is also used for the storage of water. Most of the parts involved in the discharge of water can be repaired or replaced. 

Here are the main steps followed by our plumbers in London to repair toilet bowl leaks:

1.    Removing the toilet bowl: special attention is paid to the water so that it does not spill on the floor, causing greater damage to your bathroom. In order to avoid that, the shut off valve is turned off so that the water supply to the toilet tank is interrupted. The toilet is flushed until the toilet tank is almost empty. Then, a plunger is used to push the remaining water from the bowl in the sewer drain;
2.    Adding a toilet flange spacer to stop the bowl leak: in case the toilet flange is located under the bathroom floor, the wax ring can compress in time, not being able to provide a proper seal with the bowl of the toilet. If the seal is damaged, the toilet starts leaking water when it is flushed;
3.    Reinstalling a new standard toilet: the toilet bowl is gently lowered so that the closet bolts fit through the holes. The blue painter’s tap is peeled off the floor. Then, the toilet is pushed until the wax ring is compressed, so that the toilet bowl sits evenly on the floor at the end. The nuts are tightened so that the bowl does not move and the flange bolts are trimmed so that the white caps fit. 

If you are experiencing a toilet bowl leak in London, it is time to act quickly and not to wait until it causes further property damage or it wastes more water; we are here to assist you in such an issue throughout the city. We will come to the site as soon as possible and depending on the severity of the leak. 

We assure you that we have thorough experience with repairing toilet bowl leaksin London. We know what to do and where, to make sure we save you other costs on further repairs or water leaks, and we will act promptly and efficiently. If you would like to make an appointment, please get in touch withour plumbers in London