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Replacement of Shower Screens in London

Replacement of Shower Screens in London

Even though shower screens are manufactured and installed to last for a long time, there is only so much maintenance that can be done when it comes to cracks, cleaning to prevent mold and stains or even entire portions falling out. Because the thickened glass which they are made of can be quite hazardous if not knowing how to deal with it properly, replacement of shower screens in London should be left to a professional plumber in London to handle.

Shower screens in London come in different types, shapes and designs. You can decide for yourself which one best suits your needs and preferences to create the desired look for your bathroom in your home in London. 

Types of shower screens in London

When choosing the type of shower screens in London which need to be replaced by our local plumbers, there are a few options which consist of the following:

•    Fully framed shower screens: these are waterproof, solid with a wide variety of designs, glass choices and frame colors. They are most popular with rental real estates;
•    Executive – semi frameless variable shower screens: they are a less expensive option for the semi frameless shower screens, which are manufactured in set heights and attuned to suit the width of the shower opening. These too have various sizes and colors and you may find out more details from our local plumbers;
•    Semi frameless shower screens in London: these are customized to fit the particular space of the bathroom, being extremely popular nowadays. They can be entirely personalized to fit the height, as well as when it comes to the frame color, glass color and orientation of arrangement;
•    Frameless shower screens: they are totally custom made to suit the space. If you want to make a great impression, for sure these are the ones to go for.

Shapes of shower screens in London

When it comes to their shape, shower screens in London can be:

•    Simple wall to wall cubicles: utilized to simply separate the bathroom into wet and dry areas. This style can adopt sliding, as well as swing doors;
•    Corner cubicles: they fit into the smallest empty space, being structured with one fixed and one or two sliding or swing panels for access;
•    Diamond/Curved cubicles: best suiting limited space, offering a stylish design and feel.

If you need replacement of shower screens in London, wait no longer and contact our plumbers in London. Our local plumbers can help you with advice on this matter and if there is any urgent plumbing issue, you can also rely on our emergency plumber in London