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The Septic System for Houses in London

The Septic System for Houses in London

septic tank is practically a big steel or concrete container used for houses in London with no connection to the municipal sewer system, due to its expensive costs. These tanks are normally cleaned every three years and it is recommended to be periodically inspected by the plumbers in London. They will precisely know if your septic system works properly, or if there are some adjustments to be made.

What you need to know about a septic tank in London

The septic tanks are installed in house yards and can store around 3500 liters of water.  The mechanism is quite simple and also efficient, because the wastewater enters into the septic tank from the drain pipes in the house, linked to the bathtub, kitchen sinkbathroom sink and toilet. Due to modern technology, all septic tanks have now P-traps which are pipe loops that can hold water and block gases from getting into the house. The wastewater goes out of the septic tank into a drain field, leaving space for the new water. Before that, the wastewater is filtered in the drain field, being then absorbed by the ground. Take into consideration that a solid ground will not absorb wastewater properly.

How can plumbers near me maintain the septic system in London?

The septic system can be used for almost 20 years if you ask for plumbing services in London, periodically. The local plumbers will examine the septic tank condition and will make all the necessary repairs. It is recommended to check for leaking pipes and to save water, because the more water a house preserves, the less water goes into the septic system. Proper water usage will increase the function of a septic system and will diminish the risk of septic tank tocollapse.

Our plumber in London advises you to not throw oils and greases down the drain because in time they will solidify on the pipes. Having a blocked septic tank due to its clogged pipes might disturb the entire sanitary system. You should take into account that all septic tanks must be verified from time to time by a plumber in London. Depending on the septic tank’s size and volume they will recommend you when to empty it. Also, if you observe unwanted smells or  bad bathroom and kitchen fixtures function, you should definitely ask the help of your plumber.

If you need additional information or details about the installation of a septic tank in London, please don’t hesitate to contact us.