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Toilet Bowl Choke in London

Toilet Bowl Choke in London

Toilet bowl chokes are some of the most common plumbing issues met by our local plumbers. Although they are fairly easy to fix, these problems tend to become quite a nuisance once they happen, producing plenty of unpleasant effects.

What are toilet bowl chokes in London?

When a toilet bowl choke in London happens, the waste pipe that transmits the waste water from the toilet bowl becomes clogged with either natural matter or foreign products, causing the toilet to become broken and not able to function properly. This could even cause water damage to the property, if the water spills from the toilet bowl on the bathroom floor. 

How can plumbers near me help with toilet bowl chokes in London?

In some cases, toilet bowl chokes in London can be fixed by simply using a plunger, however other times more actions are required in order to remedy this issue. If you are experiencing a toilet bowl choke the help of a professional plumber in London is necessary. Plumbers can use different methods to clear away the choke. A lot of times, a toilet bowl choke in London requires the use of a snake, which could knock an object blocked in the waste pipe or enable it to be extracted from the toilet. Other techniques used by our plumbers in London to clear toilet bowl chokes are:

•    Manual work;
•    Removal and replacement of the bowl;
•    The use of machines, like for example high pressure water jets;
•    Chemical treatment.

Measures to be taken in the event of a toilet bowl choke in London

The first thing to do when experiencing a toilet bowl choke in London is to remain calm. Most of the times, the water will stop running before it spills on the outside. That is because most toilet bowls are projected to hold all the contents of the tank within, without spilling. Here are the measures to be taken in the event of a toilet bowl choke in London:

1.    Do not flush the toilet;
2.    Let all members of your family know about the issue. This can prevent further flushing;
3.    Wait until the water level has decreased to normal before flushing again. If the water does not decrease to its normal level, proceed with step 4;
4.    Find out what is blocking the bowl or ask for assistance from an emergency plumber in London.

If you are experiencing a toilet bowl choke or of you need plumbing services in London for other types of damages, please get in touch with us.