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Types of Bathtub Spouts in London

Types of Bathtub Spouts in London

Sometimes, a bathtub spout can get damaged and has to be replaced. For this reason, our plumber in London believes it is important to become familiar with the different types of tub spouts so that you know which one you will need in your bathroom.

Diverter bathtub spouts in London

This type of bathtub spout in London is projected with a mechanism which enables the water to be directed upwards.

This upward flow generates enough pressure to begin a shower. The diverter tub spout is quite popular and it is characterized by a button which can be held up or one which is connected to the wall which generates the water diversion from the bathtub to the shower.

Diverter tub spouts can be set up by our plumbers in London with various polishes, finished and styles. They can be from chrome, aluminum, brass or other kinds of materials.

The one you decide on should match the style and colors of your bathroom. Diverter tub spouts in London can be more or less expensive, depending on the material they are made of.

Rear-end threaded bathtub spouts in London

The rear-end threaded bathtub spouts in London are able to confer an extra feature. It consists of being attached to a tub spout stub-out nipple which can be ½ or ¾ inches long.

This type of bathtub spout which can be set up by our emergencyplumber in London may be attached to the wall end of a tub spout which has a Celcon bushing.

Rear-end tub spouts are utilized for new constructions, as well as for remodeling tasks. A wide variety of models is available on the market, among which our emergency plumber inLondon mentions the ones with a special outlet connection or the ones which have a regular diverter next to the wall.

Add-on shower spout, inserted by plumbers near me 

This type of tub spout in London has a shower add-on. It is preferable when adding a shower and there is no plumbing wall behind. 

It mounts to ½ or ¾ threaded nipple which extends from the wall. 

If you need to know more types of bathtub spouts in London, we kindly invite you to contact our friendly team of local plumbers. We are also available for any type of plumbing services in London you might require.