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Types of Flexible Water Supply Tubes

Types of Flexible Water Supply Tubes

Flexible water supply tubes are used to connect plumbing fittings like toilets and faucets to the shut-off valves which supply them. Flexible tubes come with all the necessary pieces for installing them, including washers and screw-on nuts. As follows, our plumber in London describes a few of the different types of flexible water supply tubes.

PVC flexible water supply tubes used in London

PVC flexible water supply tubes used by our plumbers in London are durable and strong. They are fabricated from a PVC exterior core which is commonly braided with nylon and an interior one made of compact PVC.

These types of water supply tubes are cost-effective and flexible, being able to offer fantastic strength, as well as easy use. However, they are not corrosion-resistant and the sun can damage them.

Braided nylon flexible tubes used by our emergency plumber in London

The braided nylon flexible tubes used by our plumber in London are acquired with a reinforced braided exterior core, having a solid PVC interior core. 

They are generally utilized with hot or cold water supply pipes and can be set up in most fittings, such as toilets and faucets.

This type of flexible water supply tubes is easily installed by our plumbers in London, being bought long and looped effortlessly when needed. 

Stainless steel braided flexible tubes, explained by plumbers near me

Stainless steel braided flexible tubes are fabricated from braided stainless steel on their exterior and generally have a PVC inner core. 

The stainless steel from the outside is ideal for being used in exposed zones, since it looks great and it protects the tube from the outer conditions due to the fact that it does not corrode.

They are great for hot or cold water pipes, even though they are the most expensive ones. They are, however, the most durable and good looking flexible water supply tubes.

How to determine the kind of supply line

When determining the kind of supply line which is necessary, our local plumbers take the following steps:

•    Measuring the distance between the fitting and the water supply, adding a certain amount to ensure it will be long enough;
•    Reading the label of the manufacturer for the maximum water input rating;
•    Selecting a flexible water supply tube which is appropriate;
•    Selecting the flexible supply tube that matches with the inlet and shut-off valve of the fitting.

Please contact our emergency plumber inLondon if you need to learn more about the types of flexible water supply tubes or if you have any plumbing problem on your property.