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Types of Plumbing Valves

Types of Plumbing Valves

valve represents a plumbing piece which is utilized to control the liquid or gas flow from one point to another one. In this article, our plumbers in London present a few types of plumbing valves.

Gate valves in London

Gate valves are reliable and have been used for quite a long time. Mainly utilized for commercial, institutional and industrial applications at the present, gate valves are characterized by a gate which, when lowered, stops the flow. 

When raised, it retracts into the valve body, which implies no loss or flow. The inside of the valve diameter is the same with the pipe it is connected to. Our  emergencyplumber in London can offer more information on this matter.

All this is controlled by a wheel handle, which can be an open stem and yoke, in which the handle is moving upwards and downwards with the gate.

Or, it can be non-rising, meaning it has an open stem and yoke, the handle moving down the stem with the gate, while the non-stems stay fixed.

Ball valves, presented by plumbers near me

Ball valves are fabricated with a rotating sphere with a hole in it. While in the open position, the hole is aligned with the pipe.

When closed, the hole is perpendicular on the line. The valve is operated by a handle, however it also serves as an indicator for seeing if the valve is closed or opened. When the lever is parallel with the line, the valve is opened.

This type of valves does not enable a precise flow control, since they generally have positive stops, however, they offer a great seal in the closed position. Our plumbers in London can provide more information on these valves.

Butterfly valves in London

This kind of valves has a disc which has the same diameter as the inside of the pipe. The lever on top is controlling the disc movement to regulate the liquid flow.

The main downside of these valves is that, in our plumber’s in London experience, the control disc is permanently in the center of the liquid, which could have an effect on the flow.

For other different types of plumbing valves, or for any plumbing services in London which you might need, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team.