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Underground Plumbing Services in London

Underground Plumbing Services in London

A common problem which many properties can experience at some point is represented by damaged piping and lining which are commonly located underneath the building foundations. Such destructions can create a lot of damage in the short or long term, therefore it is important to have a team of plumbers in London to fix the issue and return your commercial or residential building to its normal functioning. 

A trusty team of plumbers in London

Our experienced and reliable team of London plumbing professionals have the knowledge and ability, as well as the proper equipment, to repair the old or damaged underground piping in London. We are generally able to diagnose the issue very rapidly and present you with the options available in order to reduce the damage and fix it.

Our proficient and trusty team of local plumbershave extensive experience in dealing with older piping systems which are located in various areas of London. We offer cost-effective solutions to fix the existing issue. As soon as you contact us, we will come to the location immediately and we will start working to remediate the problem. After the diagnose, we will present you with the options in terms of the materials which are needed and the costs involved for remediating the problem. 

After that, we will get to work and make sure we do it correctly and reliably. Because we rely on repeat business and referrals, we will make sure the underground plumbing job in London is taken care of professionally and effectively. Our plumbers in London are qualified to provide this type of service. 

The types of underground services offered by plumbers near me

Our experienced emergency plumber in London offers the following types of underground worksexcavation, if required, for any underground plumbing repairs or installations in London,location of the pipes and utilities with a tracer wire and repairing damaged pipes or installing new ones.

Excavation for underground plumbing repairs or installations in London

Gas pipes, sewer and water lines are mostly located under the groundOur plumbers in London also specialize in excavation. We can dig underground to locate the pipe, repair the issue and have your pipes working again rapidly. Our excavation services include: water pipes, sewer lines and gas line repairs and replacements.

Location of the pipes and utilities with a tracer wire

A tracer wire, also named a locating or locator wire, is a device used to help to locate pipes and utilities after they have been buried in the ground. The tracer wire is placed next to the pipe which is laid down and then buried near the line. In case the line has to be located, the wire is the one that is searched for. A wire tracer (an over-the-ground device which has the capability of locating non-energized wire) is utilized, therefore it is not necessary to send electricity through a tracer wire to detect it.

Administrative developments of the underground plumbing system in London

Given that London has a very complex plumbing system due to the size of the city, which is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world, the administrative units of the city began a project few years ago which had as a main purpose the creation of a clear map of the underground plumbing, but in a digital format. 

Under this project, all the wires and pipes will be registered, so that the specialists in the field will have a clear image on what is underground at any given moment. The map is created to prevent any further accidents that can appear when doing underground repairs, regardless if they are made by our team of plumbers in Londonor by other specialists, representing telecommunication companies or water companies.

Through this, the local authorities hope that there would be fewer incidents which cost time and money and which can be very disruptive for both individuals and private businesses. The decision to create the project was highly influenced by the large number of accidents and incidents that happened while doing underground repairs or various projects. With regards to this, we present the following: 

  • the project began in 2019 as a pilot project developed in London;
  • the project received a funding of GBP 3,9 million from the Governmental Geospatial Commission, funding to be used through the services of the Mayor of London Office;
  • the project in London represents just 1 of the 2 projects created for this purpose at a national level;
  • it is estimated that, at a national level, the problems arising from the underground plumbing system and other wires and cables set up underground cost the UK economy GBP 1,2 billion a year;
  • the London project is known as London Underground Asset Register, and it is administered through 6 regional authorities.  

The creation of the project was also influenced not only as a way to avoid any future accidents that will create financial issues, but also as a way to avoid injuries and other problems that can usually happen to workers in this industry. For instance, our team of plumbers in London does face a constant risk of being injured when developing their activities, and underground work definitely has a higher risk and the work itself is more complicated. 

The project aims at collecting information from the maps of various services providers, such as those who provide water services and maintain the water pipes, those who provide telecommunication services (internet, cable TV, fixed landlines), transport providers and any other utility providers. 

Through this, the digital map will create a complex and comprehensive system that will unite all types of cables and pipes that our local plumbers can find when performing various activities specific to their profession. Another advantage of this project is that it can reduce overall construction costs and can improve the quality of coordination between services providers. 

The project can have a tremendous impact of those who are in charge with excavations of any kind, be it a small excavation, or a large one, for a new construction site. This is because prior to starting the excavation procedure, the company that handles the excavation needs to be informed on all the underground assets that can be found while starting the dig (all types of wires, cables and pipes). 

In order to have access to these resources, the excavation company needs to receive clear data on the specifics of the cables and pipes in the region, in order to avoid any type of risk, but in numerous situations, a full image of the underground assets can’t be obtained and this is why numerous problems can appear in practice. 

Please mind that, starting with 2021, the British authorities have also launched a national project, which is called the National Underground Asset Register, which will have similar objectives as the project started in London and which will positively impact the construction sector and the safety of the workers.  

If you are interested in finding out more information on the underground plumbing services that are available here, we invite you to send your inquiries to our team of plumbers in London. Our team can be contacted via e-mail or by phone and you can address to us at any hour of the day, in the case in which you experience an emergency plumbing issue. In this case, our emergency plumber in London will be able to help you if you provide as many details as possible on the situation that occurred in your home.  

Repairing damaged pipes or installing new ones in London

Underground repairs can be done by using a series of various trenchless technologies, however, it all begins with a camera inspection. A video camera inspection can help trenchless local plumbers to choose the methods and identify exactly where the pipe is broken.

Installing new pipes are also possible with the trenchless technologies. By digging two holes on each side of the section which has to be replaced, the trenchless professional will take out the existing pipe and replace it with a new one in one smooth movement. If you need any underground plumbing services in London, we will ensure we do a reliable, fast and cost-effective job for our clients. Please contact our plumbers in London for this type of plumbing issue in the city.