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Why Opt for a Waterless Urinal

Why Opt for a Waterless Urinal

Waterless urinals are becoming more popular in commercial buildings, mainly in areas with limited water supply. This type of urinals are basically the same as common flushing ones, however they do not flush water. In this article, our plumbers in London explain a few reasons why choose a waterless urinal.

Water saving in London, explained by our emergency plumber in London 

waterless urinal can save thousands of liters of water for each unit when it is utilized and appropriately maintained. Since it uses a special device to flush the urinal bowl and also eliminate any odors, there is no need to use water. Therefore, when used in large numbers, waterless urinals can save a lot of money for water bills in building like offices or malls.

It saves energy in London

In the case of normal urinals, it takes a lot of energy to make the water move. The process of water collection and directing it to various properties to flush urinals requires a lot of energy. When there is no need for water to flush, this is a better aspect which can help the total consumption of water in a certain area. A plumber in London can offer more details on this matter.

Reduced bacteria

One of the main reasons why some buildings opt for waterless urinals is because they also decrease the spread of bacteria. The water which is permanently found on a common flushing urinal can be the ideal environment for the development of bacteria and when the water is flushed, this bacteria can be spread around and in the air. Therefore, in the absence of bacteria, waterless urinals are safer.

Lower maintenance costs in London, with the help of our local plumbers

Since they do not require water to function, waterless urinals are also easier to maintain. There are no flush handles or low valves which often are the cause of malfunction in common water urinals, therefore the costs involved in their conservation is lower.

If you would like to know more reasons why you should choose a waterless urinal, or would like to install such an appliance in your building restrooms, please contact our plumber in London.