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Why Shouldn’t You Pour Grease Down The Drain

Why Shouldn’t You Pour Grease Down The Drain

Poured grease down the drains is the main cause of sewer clogs. Although it might seem easy to get rid of grease by pouring it into the drain, it is the last thing you should do if you want to have running water in your sink.

In this article, our plumber in London explains why you should not pour grease down the drain.

Our plumbers in London know…

The reason is the chemistry which takes place after the wastewater is flushed from the lines and it reaches the sewers.

The fats from the grease and oil which are poured into the drain mix with the other chemicals in the sewers and they end up into becoming a nasty chemical mix which may build up and clog the pipes which are taking the dirty water to the wastewater treatment plant.

Things get even worse when this mix reach the sewers and it meets other fats and oils coming from other houses.

Our plumbers in London are aware that these fats and oils get broken down into their component particles, which are fatty acids and glycerol.

These particles bind calcium which is located in the sewers, generated from concrete corrosion and other biological processes, generate a soapy compound.

These clogs block the sewer pipe and may be the cause of hazardous backups. Even though drain cleaners could clear the clogs in your home, the greasy mix only gets further into the sewer lines afterward, creating an even bigger problem further down the pipe.

Tips to maintain your pipes fat-free in London, presented by plumbers near me 

To maintain your pipes fat-free in London, our plumber in London advises you to take the following measures:

• Wipe greasy dishes with toilet paper prior to washing them;

• Set up sink strainers to catch the food waste while washing;

• Place food scraps in the trash;

• Make sure to pour oil, fat and grease into a container and then place it in the freezer. After it has hardened, throw it in the trash;

• Do not pour grease into the drain or toilet. Garbage disposals or the pipes in your home are not able to handle this substance;

• Other measures: our emergency plumber in London can give you more details on what these other measures consist of.

If you need to know more about how to discard grease, or for any type of plumbing services in London, please get in touch with our friendly team of local plumbers.