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How to Install Shower Pipes in London

How to Install Shower Pipes in London

When deciding to replace a shower in your bathroomour plumbers in London recommend you to choose one which is compatible with the plumbing system of your house. Sometimes, the pipes will have to be installed as well. Here is how our local plumbers install shower pipes in London.

Shower pipe installation steps in London

When performing such a job, our plumbers in London take the following measures: after turning off the water, they locate the appropriate cold and hot water supply pipes from which the water will run into the shower; then, they proceed with assembling the pipes and fittings needed to bring the water to the wall near the shower. Other steps will be: 

  1. the third step in installing shower pipes in London is to set up a blocking in the wall framing which will support the shower valve;
  2. the valve is prepared as necessary so that they can solder the pipes to it;
  3. the rough in pipes are protracted to the valve;
  4. plumber in London sets up an elbow for the shower head.

After these steps are followed, the water is turned back on and all the pipes and shower are checked for any leaks. In case the entire installation is free of leaks, the wall is covered and the valve handle and shower head are installed.

The procedure on how to install shower pipes can be influenced on whether the client has in his or her house just a shower or whether the respective shower is part of the bathtub system. If the shower will be integrated into a bathtub, then more complex procedures have to be completed by our plumbers, as the shower pipes have to be aligned with the center of the bathtub. 

Thus, if you want to start a home renovation project or you simply build a house from ground up, our team of plumbers will first take care of the entire plumbing system of the house, and then the pipes that will be part of the shower will be placed. 

Here, our plumbers in London will first fix the bathtub into its position, and then will draw on the wall the locations where the shower pipes should stay, so that they will be perfectly aligned with the bathtub. Then, the plumbers will mark the position of the bar mixer shower, which is generally located at a height of 130 cm, measured from the floor. Of course, our team can alter this in accordance with the needs of our clients. 

What materials are required to install shower pipes in London? 

In this section, our plumbers in London will present the types of materials that are generally necessary for this procedure. There are two categories of materials – the one that refers to the tools used in this procedure, and the one that refers to the actual materials that will build the shower

Our plumbers will bring their own tools, and in this particular case the following will be necessary: pipe cutters, tile drill, tape measure, pencil, adjustable spanner and the dust sheets. Here, our clients do not have to prepare anything or to purchase any tool. Our team will provide all the tools required. 

However, when it comes to the materials that will be used for the shower installation, it is necessary to know that our plumbers can purchase the materials for you, after you have decided on which are your preferred types of materials and pipes.

Depending on your preferences, our plumbers in London may already have in stock the respective materials, but please mind that you will have to purchase them in order to be used in your home. 

You can also purchase yourself if you are familiarized with plumbing materials and if you want to make sure that the products used in your home are of a certain brand, of a certain quality and that they respect any other characteristic that you want.

However, we strongly advise you to request the opinion of our plumber in London when buying any products, in order to get a confirmation on the fact that the respective products fit together. 

You will need to buy the following: the connecting shower head, a double sided tape, the shut-off valve, the plastic and copper pipes, the plastic and copper connections and the thermostatic shower mixer, in the case in which you want to opt for this type of mixer. 

Although you can purchase these products yourself , it is necessary to know that the plumbing activity must always be done with the assistance of a professional in the field, who is qualified and certified by the local bodies to develop this activity; all our plumbers are registered plumbers, so you can rest assured that the activity carried out in your premises will be a successful one. 

What are the costs of installing shower pipes in London?

Given that the procedure of installing shower pipes in London is not the most complex plumbing activity that can be carried out by our team, and considering that this is a very common request from clients, the costs associated with installing/changing the shower pipes are not very high, actually, they are rather affordable to the majority of clients, unlike the costs charged when it is necessary to repipe a house.

The average cost of installing shower pipes, as of 2024, is around GBP 400, and this also includes the materials that need to be purchased and the labor costs charged by our plumbers in London. Of course, this is an average cost, but the prices can go up and down depending on the types of materials clients want to use (brand, quality) and the experience of the plumber who will carry out the job.

In the list below, you can discover the estimated costs for a variety of shower installations:

  • if you want to install an electric shower, the prices can vary between GBP 150 to GBP 300 and you can expect the same price range for a mixed shower or a thermostatic shower;
  • the price of a power shower ranges from GBP 200 to GBP 500;
  • a digital shower can cost minimum GBP 200 and it can go up to GBP 1,000, this being the most expensive type of shower available for sale;
  • please know that our plumbers in London can charge different fees based on the type of shower you opt to install – the lowest fees are GBP 150 for mixed shower installation and GBP 200 for electric showers or thermostatic showers installations;
  • our local plumbers will charge higher labor fees for power showers and digital showers, the fees starting from GBP 300 minimum.

Although, in general, shower pipes issues are not considered an emergency, you can refer to our emergency plumber in London if you have experienced a malfunction of the shower during evenings or nights or during weekends (usually, for water bursts and serious leakages). If you live in Ilford, you can call our plumbers in Ilford for assistance.

What is the data on shower usage in the UK? 

Shower pipes are used as a part of the shower, which is a preferred way of taking a bath in the UK. One may need to install shower pipes too often because people in the UK are said to use the shower devices way too frequently.

This can, of course, reduce the resistance of the pipes in time, and also, one must know that dermatologists say that washing too often can also have a negative impact on the skin. In a recent study, the following were revealed: 

  • 62% of the population uses the shower at least once a day;
  • 64% of the population prefers to take a shower instead of taking a bath, and this is why one may need to install shower pipes more often than other washing devices;
  • taking a bath is the preferred way of washing of 23% of the population;
  • there are small differences between men and women in regards to showering  women take a shower in approximately 8 minutes, while men, in 7 minutes;
  • 40% of the population takes a shower as a leisure activity, not simply as a means to getting clean;
  • with regards to bathing habits, only 16% of the population is interested in saving water by taking shorter showers and reducing the environmental impact;
  • while taking a shower, a lot of Britons declared that they multitask (70% of them), by developing activities such as shaving, listening to music, drinking, spending time of the mobile phone or even brushing their teeth. 

What type of shower should you choose in London?

When deciding which type of shower you should choose, it is important to acknowledge whether you have one of the following types of systems: a gravity-fed system – it is one which has a hot water cylinder and a cold water deposit cistern in the loft. This type of system presents most of options – you could choose a mixer shower equipped with a pump or without one, an electric shower or a power shower.

Another one is a combination boiler or the cold water runs straight from the mains: in this case, you could choose from an electric shower or a mixer one. This is due to the fact that a combi boiler or mains supply do not enable the fixing of a pump. In case you need to install shower pipes in London, we are the right people to do this job; we invite you to get in touch with our local plumbers in London.