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How to Set up a Shower Tray

How to Set up a Shower Tray

Shower trays are necessary to avoid the entire bathroom from getting wet when showering. In this article, our plumbers in London explain how they install a shower tray.

Installing a low profile shower tray in London, with the help of plumbers near me 

The installation of a low profile shower tray is effectuated by our plumber in London by following these steps:

• Ensuring that the floor under the tray is able to support it. The floor has to be entirely firm, without any flexibility. Therefore, the floor is marked in the area where the shower tray will be set up and, if necessary, we will replace any floorboards with marine plywood of at least 18 mm;

• Cutting a hole for the shower tray waste. Then, the waste is assembled;

• Putting together a mixture of sand, cement and some mortar and applying a rather thin layer on the area under the shower tray. Next, the mortar is left to dry for 24 hours;

• Connecting the waste trap and the outlet pipe. A silicone sealant is applied by our emergency plumber inLondon around the edges of the tray.

Removing the old tub and surround in London

Sometimes, homeowners want to remodel their bathrooms by replacing the old bathtub with a new shower when setting up a shower tray.

If that is the case, our plumbers in London will first unscrew the old showerhead and the bathtub spout. Next, the handle and the mixing valve escutcheon cover are removed.

Afterward, the tub surround is stripped off. When the wall is open, the plumbing is disconnected. Generally, the trap can be accessed from an access panel behind the bathtub or from an unfinished basement.

In case the shutoff valves are in a proper shape, the water lines above them are cut. The ends of the pipes are then covered with tape to prevent debris from getting inside of them.

Since fiberglass and steel bathtubs are quite light, they are lifted and carried out of the bathroom. Cast iron ones, however, can be very heavy, therefore they are usually busted up and carried out in pieces from the room. After the bathtub is taken out of the room, the shower tray can be installed. 

If you need to set up a shower tray, or for any other plumbing services in London, we invite you to contact our local plumbers.