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Fix a Broken Pipe with Push Fittings

Fix a Broken Pipe with Push Fittings

Push fittings, also known as push-fit fittings, represent compression or quick connect fittings which are easily removed. They allow a water or air pipe to be fitted, without the utilization of any tools. 

Entirely changing the way that broken pipes are repaired, push fittings enable our plumbers in London to fix a broken pipe permanently in a matter of minutes. 

These type of fittings are used to stop pipe water leakages, as well as connect pipes made from various materials, like copper and plastic. They can even connect pipes of different diameters, being crucial pieces in modern plumbing equipment.

Steps taken by plumbers near me to fix a broken pipe with push fittings

In order to repair a broken pipe with push fittings, our plumbers in London will follow the procedure mentioned below:

1.    Locating the leak;
2.    Turning off the water supply to that particular segment or even the entire house, if necessary;
3.    Removing the broken segment of the pipe;
4.    Sanding the ends of the pipe connections so that they are smooth for the push fittings;
5.    Pushing the new fittings into the ends of the pipe;
6.    Inserting the repair segment of the pipe between the push fittings;
7.    Turning the water back on;
8.    Verifying the pipes are not leaking anymore and that the push fittings are installed correctly.

It only takes a few minutes for our emergency plumber in London to effectuate this replacement. 

How the water lines are cut in London

Cutting the water lines is definitely a job best left to our plumbers in London to handle, as it can produce a lot of damage if not done correctly.

If the broken pipes which need the repair are made of plastic, our local plumbers will use a plastic tube cutter. A lot like scissors, this piece of equipment will be used to apply pressure around the pipe and at the same time to force it back and forth over the plastic pipe. Afterwards, the pipe is squeezed and the water lines are cut, allowing for the push fitting to be installed!

When dealing with copper pipes, though, the procedure is much easier. A copper tube cutter is used around the pipe slowly, after which the copper pipe is sectioned.

If you need to repair damaged pipes with push fittings, or if you have any other type of plumbing job on your property which needs to be addressed, please contact our emergency plumber in London.