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A Guide to Fitting Connections in London

A Guide to Fitting Connections in London

A fitting connection is an appliance used in plumbing to connect pipes or tubing segments, adjust to various sizes or shapes or for other means, like measuring or regulating the flow of a fluid. 

In this article, our plumber in London presents a brief guide to fitting connections in London.

What types of fitting connections are used by plumbers near me?

The types of fitting connections used by our plumbers in London are:

  • Threaded connections: just like their name suggests, these are simply twisted onto the pipe. Make sure not to unscrew the other pipe end while doing so;
  • Compression fitting connections: the most rapid and easiest ones used to join two pipes. They should only be set up in stationary occurrences which need little movement or impact on the plumbing system;
  • Flare connections: these fittings are meant to be soldered on the copper pipes. They are sized nominally, which implies that the plumber has to subtract 1/8” (3.17 mm) from the outer diameter measurement of the line which is being connected;
  • Slip/hub fitting connections in London: these are unthreaded and have to be used with another material to seal the connection. They are utilized with plastic lines, such as ABS, CPVC and PVC;
  • Other connections: our local plumbers can provide more details on what these other connections consist of.

What does a fitting in a pipe mean?

The fitting in a pipe or pipefitting is the action of setting up or fixing lines or tubes which transport liquids, gas and, sometimes, solid materials. More information can be provided by our emergency plumber in London

Pipefitting involves choosing and preparing the line or tubing, connecting it together through different methods and the location and fixing of the leaks.

We can effectuate such work for you, in case you require any pipefitting in your home. We can also provide any other plumbing services in London which you might need.

What are sanitary fittings in London?

Sanitary process piping and fittings in London, also called hygienic piping or high purity piping, is utilized most of the times in the food, beverage and personal care industries.

This type of fittings is cleanable. They limit the entrapment areas where the bacteria may hide or form. They are also resistant to corrosion.

If you have more questions about our guide to fitting connections in London, please do not hesitate to speak to our plumber in London.

Our plumber can present the fitting connections you can use in your home. You can also learn more about other types of plumbing materials used in house plumbing.

For instance, if you want to replumb a house, you will learn that there are more options concerning the types of pipes you can choose. Our plumber can help you select a type that is suitable to your budget and type of home.

If you are interested in the costs of pipes in London, you should know that copper pipes can cost up to GBP 7. The best types of pipes are the ones made out of copper and those made out of steel.

Our plumber in Ilford can present the advantages of other types of pipes commonly used in the UK, meaning the PVC pipes, which are cheaper and easy to install, but which have a shorter lifetime.