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Water Supply Line Leaks in London

Water Supply Line Leaks in London

When the water supply line in London has leaks, it has to be repaired or replaced by specialized plumbers in London to make sure there is no further water waste in the future. Do you have such an issue on your property? Let us know and we will come as soon as possible to remediate it.

How to detect water supply line leaks in London

Sometimes, leaks may occur between the meter and the house, which is the actual water supply line. These leaks can be hard to spot, as the supply line is generally found at minimum three feet (0.91 m) under the ground.

In some cases, the leaky water travels along the pipe, on its way back to the meter. If the meter box has water and it is not because of rain or irrigation, this could be the sign of a leak in the supply line

Another exit point which is mostly met for the leaking water could be at the point where the supply line comes out above the ground and/or comes inside the home. If the ground here is wet all the time, an emergency plumber in London ascertains it could also indicate a leak.

If there are more serious leaks, the water will come up on the surface of the ground, generally right above the path of the underground pipe. 

Generally, leaks between the home and the meter fall into the responsibility of the water provider. The water provider, therefore, has to be contacted prior to trying to repair the water supply line in London.

If the water utility answers that the repair should be effectuated by the homeowner, a professional plumber in London should take care of this job, as it is a complex situation which should not be taken care of by yourself due to its difficulty and severity.

Steps taken by plumbers near me to fix the water supply line leak

In order to fix the water supply line leak, our plumbers in London will take the following steps:

1.    Detect the leak in the water supply line in London;
2.    Remove the leaky water supply line;
3.    Remove the old Teflon tape from the stem connectors and set up new Teflon tape on them;
4.    Set up the new water supply line hose;
5.    Test the new installation.

In order to get help with water supply line leaks in London, please get in touch with our local plumbers.