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Replacement of Toilet Flooring in London

Replacement of Toilet Flooring in London

A lot of times, when replacing an old toilet or rearranging the entire bathroom design, the subfloor around a toilet can soften and begin to rot because of leaks of overflows. Whichever the cause, it is important that you hire a plumberin London to replace the toilet flooring in your home as soon as you observe any softness, before it starts creating even a bigger damage.

Although the replacement of toilet flooring in London is a job usually performed by professionals in plumbing services in London, here are the main steps that need to be followed when dealing with this type of project:

1.    Correct measurements

Like most plumbing jobs, it all starts with the correct measurements. The plumber in London will make sure he measures the area several times. 

2.    Piping

After the right measurements have been effectuated and written down, the plumbers in London will have to reach to the horizontal pipe and saw it at around 10 inches (25.4 cm) total from the elbow. Afterwards, the pipe has to be sealed.

3.    Attaching the 2x4s

The emergency plumber in London will get 2x4s which can be fitted along the joints at the edges of the whole. The 2x4s will have to be attached to create a shelf for the plywood.

4.    Laying the plywood

Next, the plywood has to be laid down. Marking it with the measurements taken in step one, the plywood is screwed down onto the 2x4s in order to secure the new subfloor.

5.    Installing the new tile

Tile nippers are used to ensure every piece of tile fits on the area around the toilet flange. After the tiles were laid, they have to be set overnight to ensure they are entirely dry. Then, the plumber can grout the tiles. The grout also needs a day to dry. 

After all these steps have been followed, you and your family will be able to use the toilet again an go on with your normal daily activities.

Our local plumbers are extremely experienced in the replacement of toilet flooring in London. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need to replace a toilet flooring, we can assure you that you will be extremely pleased with the results.