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Replace a Mini Ball Valve in London

Replace a Mini Ball Valve in London

mini ball valve is a type of valve of small dimensions that utilizes an empty, holed and pivoting ball to control the flow that passes through it. It is set in the opening position when the perforation of the ball is aligned with the flow and in its closing one – when it is turned 90-degrees by the handle of the valve. Mini ball valves in London can have lengths of between 35 and 52 mm. Our plumbers in London can offer more information on this type of valves.

Mini ball valve uses in London

Mini ball valves in London are used in small, cramped spaces where normal valves cannot be installed. The set-up of mini ball valves is quite easy, with a choice of male x female or female x female process connections. 

Generally, mini ball valves are used for regulating, directing and controlling a fluid flow, like water, gas, fluidized solids or other liquids, through opening, partially closing or closing entirely different passageways. Therefore, mini ball valves can be used in:

•    Residential uses: like for example on/off and control of pressure to clothes and dish washing machines or taps in the property;
•    Controlling irrigation water;
•    Industrial utilizations for controlling processes;
•    Transport and military industries: A plumber in London can provide more details regarding these uses.

When do mini ball valves in London have to be replaced?

Mini ball valves in London require replacing in one of the following situations:

•    If the water cannot be turned off entirely: a situation which occurs often. In case there is an emergency in your home, you need to know that the water can be turned off entirely to prevent further property damage;
•    In case they leak when being used; A plumber in London can detect any leakages in your home and resolve them.
•    If it cannot be opened after being closed;
•    If an internal part breaks loose, imposing the replacement of an expensive faucet.

If you need to replace a mini ball valve in London, our professionals are ready to do this job quickly, reliably and at reasonable costs; we invite you to get in touch with our emergency plumber in London for immediate assistance before the issue gets bigger and it causes more damage to your home. Our team of local plumbers can easily solve any issue.