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Repair or Replace a Sewer in London

Repair or Replace a Sewer in London

Damaged or clogged sewer pipes can cause great and expensive damages to a property and even present certain severe health hazards. Our plumbers in London specialize in repairing or replacing a sewer, being able to resolve this problem fast, safe and with minimal damage to your property. 

Repairing a sewer in London

It is advisable to attempt to repair a sewer in London in the following cases:

•    if the sewer pipe is easily accessible;
•    if it has the correct size for the number of house inhabitants;
•    if it can last for a longer period of time after the repair has been undertaken.

Repairing a sewer in London can be achieved in one of the following ways:

•    Traditional method: the repair of a sewer line is commonly achieved by utilizing the “open cut” or “trench” technique to access the space around the broken pipe. 
•    Trenchless method: by using a Roto-Rooter, the repair process will not ruin the property, causing less destruction compared to the traditional method. 
•    Pipe bursting: access holes are made at both ends of the broken pipe. A hydraulic machine is utilized to pull the entire pipe which has to be replaced through the initial path and to break up the broken pipe in the same time. 
•    Pipe relining: It involves creating a pipe inside a pipe in order to reinstate course and function. Epoxy relining materials are molded within the current pipe and generate a new even inner wall, comparable to the lining which is located in food cans.

Keep in mind that repairing or replacing a sewer is not a basic plumbing problem and it requires the help of a professional emergencyplumber in London.

Can plumbers near me replace a sewer? 

sewer pipe has to be replaced if:

•    it is too small for the number of house inhabitants;
•    it is collapsed or bellied;
•    it is deteriorated or deformed;
•    the life span of the current pipe has expired.

When it is necessary to repair or replace a sewer in London, as well as any other plumbing issue, we make sure to cause as little environmental damage as possible, as we utilize trenchless techniques which do not destroy the garden or the lawn, being in the same time cost effective. 

Keeping yourself informed on how to repair or replace a sewer is important, however remember this is a professional plumber’s job and it should not be done by yourself alone.

If you need to know more about this type of service, please get in touch with our plumbers in London.