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Backflow Prevention in London

Backflow Prevention in London

Backflow represents an unwanted reversal of the water flow or water mixtures and other residues coming from any source, like used water, industrial fluids, gasses or any substances which do not represent potable water, inside the distribution lines of the potable water system. 

In this article, our emergency plumber in London explains how to effectuate a backflow prevention in London.

Backflow prevention device in London, presented by local plumbers 

backflow prevention device in London usually consists of a couple of mechanical check valves which do not allow the dirty water to flow back into the potable water supply in case the water pressure unexpectedly or suddenly changes.

If it is appropriately maintained and set up, this type of device will maintain the potable water clean and without contaminants.

Another type of backflow prevention device which can be used by our plumbers in London is to provide an air gap.

An air gap is an open vertical space which is located between the device which connects the plumbing system, such as a valve or a faucet, and any location where the dirty water could gather or reside.

A simple air gap does not have any moving pieces, other than the flowing water. A lot of plumbing codes require a minimum air gap distance needed for different situations, like a drain connection for a dishwasher.

Why use backflow prevention in London?

Our plumber in London strongly recommends you to use a backflow prevention in London because, in many situations, there can be cross-connection hazards.

For instance, one end of the garden hose can be attached to the water system in a home and the other can be put into a bucket of herbicide.

Then, a sudden loss of water occurs in the main water pipe which is providing the water for the home, like a water main break or large water volumes coming from a fire hydrant; our local plumbers can offer more information. 

This pressure drop causes a reverse flow in the water pipe and, in a plumbing system without a backflow prevention, the insecticide from the bucket is pumped into the drinking water of the home and, possibly, into the main water pipe which is serving the entire community.

However, with a backflow prevention device set in place in London, this can be avoided and the herbicide would not contaminate the main water pipe.

In case you would like to know more about what backflow in London is, or for any plumbing services in London you might request, please contact us.