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Bidet Installation in London

Bidet Installation in London

Meant for the easy cleaning of the users and the surrounding toilet, the bidet is a normal part of a toilet in all contemporary lodging. We deliver bidet installation in London in all toilets.

Our plumbers in London deliver both supply andinstallation of a new bidet in London. They can also repair leaking bidets.

Types of bidets in London

Most manufacturers deliver bidets in colors and styles which converge with the toilets. The most common bidet features a single or two-handle faucet and vertical and horizontal sprays. Most bidets are open, however some incorporate a cover in their scheme.

Steps for bidet installation presented by our plumbers in London 

Your emergency plumber in London follows these steps for bidet installation:

1.    Attachment of the faucet and drain fittings into the body of the bidet;
2.    Movement of the bidet to its place and verification of the alignment with the drain and water supply pipes;
3.    Drawing a contour of the bidet on the floor and making the spot of the hold-down bolts on the ground; 
4.    Removal of the bidet and drilling pilot holes for the hold-down bolts. The plumber in London might have to utilize a carbide-tipped drill to bore though the floor tile;
5.    Using the contour drawn on the floor and repositioning the bidet;
6.    Insertion of the hold-down bolts and tightening them. The plumber utilizes a carpenter’s level to ensure that the bidet is level;
7.    Placement of the caps on top of the heads of the bolts;
8.    Application of silicone sealant around the base of the bidet;
9.    Connecting the hot and cold riser (supply) tubes, shut-off valve and drain;
10.  Connecting the water supply and drain and turning on the water to see if there are any leaks.

In case the bidet water supply does not have a shut-off valve, our local plumbers will add one with hot and cold bendable tubes with preattached fittings which join the coupling nut to the bidet fitting and the compression fitting to the turn-off valve. 

That’s it! Your plumber just finished the bidet installation in London and it is ready for use!  

Fixing a leaking bidet in London

Sometimes, a common problem which our London plumbing professionals deal with is that the water from the bidet leaks on the floor.

This usually happens because the wax gasket from the bidet bottom is broken. To fix this issue, our local plumbers disconnect the bidet from the water supply lines and the toilet bowl from the floor.

Next, they remove the old putty from the bowl bottom, take out the existing gasket and replace it with a new one. Afterwards, another bend of putty is applied to reconnect the bowl of the bidet to the floor.

At the end, the two nuts from the bowl bottom are screwed and the water supply to the tank is reattached.

Other times, the water might be leaking from the bidet handle. This implies that there might be a water overflow in the tank of the bidet.

This issue is sorted out by just taking out some of the water from the tank. In case the issue persists, there might be a broken valve (the floating piece in the tank) which has to be replaced.

Also, many times bidet leaks are caused by dirty filters. Therefore, verify the bidet filter on a regular basis and, in case it is dirty with debris, clean it. If it is too dirty, our emergency plumber in London will help you replace it with a new one.

Available throughout the island, we offer a full range of plumbing services in London. We are licensed plumbers in London, providing quality repair and installation, backed by receipt and warranty after the work has been accomplished. Please contact us for an appointment.