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Repairing Concealed Pipe Leakage in London

Repairing Concealed Pipe Leakage in London

Having a leaking pipe in your home can cause numerous issues and significant damages. Sometimes, theleak can be located easily by making a visible inspection, in other cases though, leaks can be more difficult to notice and repair. In case you are wondering how your plumberin London can diagnose and repair concealed pipe leakage, here are the steps which are taken.

The diagnosis of the concealed pipe leak in London in 2021 

There are various methods used to locate the leak. First of all, the plumber in London will ask for a description of the leak cause. This might be because your water bill is bigger than normal, you saw a wet spot in your yard which is not caused by rain or watering, or you have a wet spot in the wall inside your house.

Based on your answer, the plumber could use video diagnostic services to identify the leak or he might make a visual inspection of the different pipes in your house. After the leak has been located, the repairing procedure can start and our plumber in London can perform his specific tasks. 

If you deal with the need of repairing concealed pipe leakage in London in 2021, you can rest assured that our team will arrive at your premises following the latest safety and health requirements, as per the government regulations on Covid-19. Our services for 2021 will follow the same regulatory framework as we used to provide prior to the beginning of the pandemic and you must also know that we are actively working in maintaining the same fees that we have accustomed our clients with.     

How can plumbers near me complete the repairing procedure? 

Repairing concealed pipe leakage in London can be undertaken in different ways. Sometimes, the plumber will remove a part of the pipe and a new pipe section will be installed. Other times, a sealant could be put on the outer or inner side of the pipe or a coupling or fitting might be replaced with a new part. The plumber will decide which method will be used in order to repair the concealed pipe leakage in London after attentively checking it and based on its location.

Types of concealed pipe leaks in London

Concealed pipe leaks in London can be: false ceiling leaks, cabinet or wall concealed pipe leaks, tub and shower leakstile leakstoilet leaks or supply leaks. If we refer to false ceiling leaks, various plumbing systems installed in the ceiling can be leaking, such as the pipes or the heaters. In order to minimize the burdens of our clients, our local plumbers offer a one-stop solution.

It consists of cutting and patching services for the false ceiling so that the area where the leak has occurred can be accessed. Most of the times, the work effectuated in order to remedy such an issue takes only one or two days.

As about cabinet or wall concealed pipe leaks, these happen in the pipes which are concealed by cabinets or the ones built inside the walls of your house. As a general rule, pipes that are installed inside a wall can be found in apartments and landed properties, such as houses. Here is how our local plumbers fix such a concealed pipe leak in London:

  • we make a diagnosis of the leak and present the issue you deal with;
  • we give you a quote before the plumbing activity will be started in your home;
  • if the price is agreed upon, we start working as soon as possible;
  • after the leak has been fixed, you can verify to make sure that the job has been appropriately taken care of before sealing the ceiling;
  • a layer of sealant is applied and then the area is painted, in case the ceiling was drenched before.

Below, we invite you to watch a short presentation on the process of repairing concealed pipe leakage in London:

Bathroom concealed leaks in London

The bathroom is prone to concealed leaks and some of the most common ones can be found around the tub or shower, the tiles, and the toilet. These types of leakages can be detected by: carefully checking the tub or shower doors before using them, noticing puddles around the tiles or toilet in the London home, by checking if any faucets are loose and water is dripping around them and if the toilet flange is loose or cracked and a water stain has formed around it.

In the case in which you experience any of the above, this could be the sign of the fact that you could deal with a concealed pipe leak. Please be aware that the repair of a concealed leaking pipe does not represent a DYI job, as this procedure has to be performed by a person who is a professional plumber. The plumber in London will first arrive at your premises and conduct specific tests, in order to detect where the leak originated

After that, the emergency plumber in London can: remove the drain with a test plug and check if it retains the water; in case of tile leaks, these should be surrounded by mold and be loosed, which could indicate a concealed leak, case in which the plumber will inspect it with a video camera.

In the case of a loose toilet flange, the plumber near me will check if it leaks and will try to reattach it and in the case of loose or dripping faucets, the plumber will first try to tighten the faucet. Our plumbers in London recommend you get in touch with us if you notice any of these issues in your bathroom.

Kitchen concealed leaks in London

In the case of kitchen concealed leaks, the supply lines could be the ones to pose a problem, and our local plumbers will carefully analyze where the problem comes from. Repairing a concealed pipe in the kitchen will start with a camera inspection, which has the purpose of establishing the place where the leak occurred. Then, our plumber in London will start the procedure through which the pipe will be partially replaced.  

If you use dishwashers and washing machines, they can also be prone to concealed water leakages in London. You can verify if there can be a concealed leak related to these home appliances if you look at the hoses, valves or pumps of the machines. In the case in which they are discolored or even worse, oxidized, it is highly likely that you may have a concealed leak

Pipe coating for repairing concealed leaks in London

One of the most modern techniques used to repair concealed leaks is pipe coating. This implies a thorough verification of the pipe with the help of a video camera and then spraying several coats of resin inside the pipe and thus rendering the pipe as good as new.

Pipe coating is one of the most modern and employed ways of repairing concealed pipes and our plumbers in London have used it in very difficult situations. We can offer various solutions for the repair of concealed pipes in your London home.

How severe is the water leakage problem in the UK?

Water leakage that is caused by concealed leaks in London or from other plumbing systems is a major source of concern, as a large volume of water is wasted without being used for a purpose. More importantly, water leakage can cause numerous financial issues for both companies and private users. 

Some of the major issues related to this can appear in the form of concealed water leakage. Water leakage issues are nowadays treated with the utmost care, and multiple systems were created in order to prevent this issue. The quality of the pipes was increased throughout the decades, but also the water management. At a national level, the water leakage was drastically reduced compared to many decades ago, but major issues still appear in the country’s largest cities, London included. Here, one should know the following:

  • between November 2011 and February 2018, the London water pipes bursts and leakages accounted for 36,000 cases;
  • compensations for water leakages in London account for GBP 120 million;
  • in the above mentioned period of time, the highest number of water leakages and burst was registered on one of the streets of the Walthamstow region, accounting for 33 issues;
  • it is estimated that the daily water leakage in London accounts for 500 million liters of water;
  • the pipe network in London is made from more than 32,000 km of pipes, and more than 60% of it was set up more than 60 years ago, while the city still has pipes that were set up more than 150 years ago. 

At a national level, it is estimated that water leaks account for more than 3,1 billion liters of water per day, according to the data of the Consumer Council for Water. This has a tremendous impact on multiple entities and if you are a private person (natural person or legal entity), you will definitely want to resolve the issue with the help of a local plumber

Concealed pipe leakage, located in the wall of your London home

Although this is a major problem, a concealed pipe leakage can also happen in the wall of your home or apartment. The issue can happen in the lower part of the wall or the higher part of the wall, depending on where the pipe is located and where the leakage happens. Most of the times, the pipe leakage can be overlooked for a long period of time, especially in the case in which the pipe leaks very low amounts of water. 

However, even in this case, after a period of time you should notice various issues on your walls. The first clue would be to have a stained wall, as stains shouldn’t naturally appear on your wall without a specific reason. If you observe any misshape, this can be due to the fact that water may be infiltrated in your wall and for this, you should always call our plumber in London for professional advice.  

If your walls are covered in wallpaper and you observe discoloring or a bubbled appearance, this situation can be caused by a concealed pipe leakage. Any location of the house that has mold or mildew can be caused by the same issue, especially in the respective place is not in a darkened location (mold can appear when there is a lack of light without the presence of frequent volumes of water).  

Please mind that in the case in which your light switches create sparks when you turn them on and off, this issue can be caused by a concealed pipe leakage, and if this happens, you must immediately call a professional to verify the source of the problem. Sometimes, the concealed pipe leakage may happen in your floor as well. 

If you have wood floors and if you notice stains that should not be there and which were not caused by any of the persons living in the house, this can potentially mean that there is water infiltrated in your floor. The same applies if you constantly feel that the carpet has a certain level of dampness. 

Although numerous issues that can potentially be related to concealed pipe leakages are caused by other factors, sometimes the water leakage is the source of the problems, and this can generally be the case when you observe that the respective problem seems to be evolving. We recommend you to address to our local plumbers for advice. 

Affordable cost for the services of a plumber in London in 2021 

Some proprietors who want to save their costs could attempt to make the repairing themselves. However, a lot of times, identifying the exact location of the leak is crucial and a professional plumber might use advanced diagnostic instruments to locate the leak.

This could save a lot of time and reduce the necessity of cutting away sections of the drywall for a visual location of the leak. Besides, with professional plumbing services in London, you can rest assured that the repair is done correctly from the very beginning. This is a very important aspect of the repair process, as an incorrectly made repair can have serious consequences or it will simply continue the leakage.

As we use affordable rates, getting professional help for repairing concealed pipe leakage in London is the most sensible option. Concealed leaks can cause a lot of damage even in a short while as well as costly water waste. If you believe you have a concealed pipe leakage in your home or across your yard, contact one of our plumbers in London now!