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Fixing a Well Pump in London

Fixing a Well Pump in London

Sometimes, you may notice a decrease of the water pressure in your home, or even turning the tap on and having no water running from it at all. If these happen, it might be the time to fix the well pump in your London property. It is advisable to leave this job to local plumbers who are experienced in dealing with this type of issues. 

Well pump issues in London

Here are some of the issues that could lead to having to repair well pump in London:

•    Water pump overloading: the pressure tank should have an appropriate size according to the extent to which it is utilized. The size of the well pump is set depending on the range of your plumbing system, such as the number of faucets or water using appliances in your home;
•    Low water table: the low water pressure or lack of water could be the result of a water lack in the well. This could be only a temporary situation, or it might be necessary to have the well pump placed deeper underground to be able to draw from the water table;
•    Loss of power: Because electricity is needed to activate the water pressure, if the power goes off you will only have the water held by the pressure tank. If this happens, it is better to have a professional plumber in London check out the entire system to make sure no other damages have been caused by the lack of power;
•    Other reasons: Our plumbers in London can provide more details on what these other reasons can consist of.

Choosing water pump types in London, with the assistance of plumbers near me

There are two types of water pumps in London:

1.    Jet pumps: they are installed outside the water well and generally are utilized in combination with surface wells. These pumps use a mechanized suction system to pump the water from the well into a holding tank for storage until it is used;
2.    Submersible pumps: most of the times utilized in deeper wells, these pumps are extremely efficient and they can last for up to 25 years. However, thys type of well pump repair in London is more difficult because they are deeper underground. They have basically the same role as jet pumps, however they are installed inside the water well.

If you need fixing a well pump in London, we can help you with this type of job; please contact our plumber in London now!