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Types of Sprinkler Heads in London

Types of Sprinkler Heads in London

When equipping a new residential or commercial property or modernizing the current one with a new fire sprinkler system, you will need new sprinkler heads. A sprinkler head in London, also known as a fire sprinkler, is an element of a fire sprinkler system which releases water when a fire or smoke is detected. In this article, our plumbers in London briefly present the different types of sprinkler heads in London

Pendant sprinkler heads in London

Pendant sprinkler heads are a type of sprinkler heads in London which descend from the pipe, conferring fire suppression to a space underneath. The deflectors of these types of sprinkler heads usually are somewhat flat or convex.

Upright sprinkler heads

Upright sprinkler heads, as their name indicates, are connected to the superior side of the pipe and present a concave deflector which guides the water flow under them. Our local plumbers can provide more details on this type of sprinkler heads.

Glass bulb sprinkler heads in London

Gas bulb sprinkler heads in London contain a substance which expands and bursts if a certain temperature is attained. The color of the substance in the glass tube indicates the temperature variety in which it functions, releasing water on the source of the heat when a certain level of temperature is reached.

Side wall sprinkler heads

This type of sprinkler heads is projected to be installed on a wall. They have a detector which generates a semi-circular water flow pattern.

Can plumbers near me work with fusible link sprinkler heads?

These operate by utilizing metals with quite a low melting point. Generally, two separate pieces of metal are joined with each other by a plumber in London with a material like Wood’s metal which has a melting point at 71C. If the fusible alloy attains its melting point, the couple of metal pieces are separated and the sprinkler head starts to function.

Open office sprinkler heads in London

Open office sprinkler heads in London are only installed in Deluge fire sprinkler systems. They are almost the same as the other sprinkler heads, however they do not have a plug and a bursting tube.

If you would like to know more about fire sprinkler heads in London, or if you require a fire sprinkler system installation in the city-state, we invite you to contact our emergency plumber inLondon.