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How to Install a Sewage Ejector Pump in London

How to Install a Sewage Ejector Pump in London

The complexity of homes in London requires special plumbing fixtures which can reduce the risks of floods from bursting pipes. Among the most common fixtures nowadays is the sewage ejector pump which is necessary for most houses.

Our plumbers in London can solve any plumbing issues, but they can also assist with the installation of various apparels, such as sewage ejector pumps.

When is a sewage ejector pump required in a London home?

Not all houses in London require the installation of sewage ejector systems, which is why it is best to verify with a plumber when such a pump is needed.  Our local plumbers recommend homeowners to have sewage ejector pumps installed when they have one or more pipes installed below the main sewer.

Sewage ejector pumps are usually installed in the bathroom or basement laundry rooms. They will help the water reach the main sewage line and will lead to a proper functioning of the whole sewage system.

Considerations when installing a sewage pump system in London

The following aspects need to be checked before installing a sewage ejector pump in a London home:

  •           have the plumber in London inspect the area where the sewage ejector pump will be installed;
  •           check if a vent is needed when having the sewage ejector pump installed;
  •           verify with the local municipality if any permit is needed for such work on the house;
  •           the size of the sewage ejector pump is also very important – our local plumbers will make the right recommendations.

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Steps taken by plumbers near me for installing the sewage ejector pump

The following steps need to be taken when having the sewage ejector pump installed in the London home:

  •           make sure all the materials needed for the installation are bought, including the tank where the water will be collected;
  •           locate where the tank will be placed – it needs to be placed as close as possible to the main sewage line;
  •           install the pump, link it to the collecting basin and the main sewage line;
  •           adjust the float or sensor switch and test if the pump works correctly.

For full information on how to choose a sewage ejector pump or assistance in installing one, please contact our emergency plumber in London.