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Types of Drain Plungers in London

Types of Drain Plungers in London

Drain plungers in London are a handy tool and prove to be easy to use when dealing with a common plumbing issue such as clogged drains. By moving the drain plunger up and down, the clog could be moved along the drain or it could be dissipated because of the pressure. In order to have the right results, it is important to know the types of drain plungers in London. Our plumbers in London describe the main types of drain plungers below:

Simple drain plunger in London, explained by our local plumbers 

This type of drain plunger in London is used for sinks and have a rubber cap screwed at one end of a straight wooden handle. Our plumber in London recommends you to use it for kitchen or bathrooms, as well as bathtubs. 

It can be utilized on a flat area, with the cup laying flat on the drain, generating a vacuum which dislodges the clog. 

It does not function appropriately on toilets, as it cannot create a seal to generate the suction.

Accordion drain plungers

These drain plungers in London are more suitable to unclog toilets, having a smaller cup. Their size is not suitable to unclog any other drains. 

Accordion drain plungers can create a lot of force, however they are not so easy to utilize. They are made of a plastic which is quite solid, which makes the generation of a vacuum seal on the drain pretty difficult. 

As a conclusion, this type of plungers in London is effective, however not too versatile.

Toilet plungers in London

Toilet plungers in London are similar to the simple sink ones, having a cup. In addition, they also have a soft rubber flap which comes out of the cup. This flap can be easily fitted over the toilet drain, easily forming the needed suction to clear the clog.

This type of plungers in London can be also used for sinks and tub drains, with the flap folded inside the cup. They can confer flexibility to fit almost all drains.

When dealing with a clogged drain, it is important to know what to do and how to deal with this issue. If you encounter problems with this, it is recommended to get a professional plumber in London who can clear the stoppage.

For more details about drain plungers in London, or if you need help unclogging a drain in your home, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our  emergency plumber inLondon.