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Buying Guide: Chimney Cooking Hoods Vs. Integrated Hoods

Buying Guide: Chimney Cooking Hoods Vs. Integrated Hoods

From classic to modern and intelligent ones, cooking hoods are essential for one’s kitchen. Nowadays, cooking hoods are not only a common and useful appliance, but they can be integrated into the design of a kitchen so that they complete the picture. When it comes to the type of hood, we have some good news: there are several types of cooking hoods London homeowners can choose from.

The most common types of cooker hoods are the chimney and integrated hoods which are also affordable when it comes to costs. Our plumbers in London can help homeowners choose between the chimney and integrated cooking hoods.

The chimney cooking hood for a London kitchen, presented by plumbers near me 

Choosing between a chimney cooking hood and another type of hood can be very difficult, however, our emergency plumber inLondon can offer some tips on when the chimney hood is the best choice. These tips are:

  •           chimney hoods are great for both large and small kitchens as they come in different sizes;
  •           a chimney hood suits great with a hob or stove placed against the wall as the hood can be attached to the same wall;
  •           even if it is larger than other types of hoods, the chimney hood is easier when having it installed;
  •           chimney hoods come in various, shapes, but also materials, so every taste can be satisfied.

As a bonus, we can mention that chimney hoods never get obsolete.

The integrated hood for a kitchen in London

Those who want a more modern cooking hood can go for an integrated hood. Compared to the chimney hood, the integrated one has the following characteristics:

  •           they can be integrated with kitchen cabinets, therefore they can be “masked” if the owner does not want them in plain sight;
  •           these are usually small hoods which go with two-ring hobs; needless to say that they are great for small kitchens;
  •           most integrated hoods have a pull-out door, which might be a disadvantage if it breaks;
  •           just like chimney hoods, these too can be made of various types of materials and are versatile.

Choosing between a chimney and an integrated cooking hood can seem like an easy decision, however, it is advisable to ask for advice when buying one and here, our emergency plumber in London can be of service. 

We invite you to contact our local plumbers if you need help in installing a cooking hood in your kitchen or for other plumbing services.