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Install a Domestic Fire Sprinkler System in London

Install a Domestic Fire Sprinkler System in London

Domestic fire sprinklers are becoming more popular in London in new and old homes, being utilized to reduce the risk of fires and the consequent deaths and injuries related to them. In this article, our emergencyplumber in London explains how to install a domestic fire sprinkler system.

Aspects taken into account when installing a domestic fire sprinkler in London

Domestic fire sprinklers are specifically designed for the residential environment.

The entire pipework is concealed in the walls and floors, while the sprinklers have small dimensions, being neat and blending with the surroundings of the rooms.

These systems are purchased in a wide range of colors and finishes and nowadays even concealed models can be found.

The heads of the sprinkler systems in London are connected by our plumbers in London by a pipe system to the water mains or other water sources.

Usually, rooms need one or two sprinkler heads to facilitate a complete protection. 

The installation procedure of such systems is very similar to setting up central heating, however with less pipework, therefore smaller disruption.

Obviously, a domestic fire sprinkler in London needs a correct and reliable water supply. This is usually obtained from the water mains, however, sometimes, it has to be stored on site.

Types of domestic fire sprinklers in London, detailed by plumbers near me

There are two types of fire sprinklers in London:

1. Wet pipe systems: they can be used in homes where there is no risk of freezing. This type of system is created to be continuously charged with water and to have a permanent water stream in case of a fire. It is the most popular type of domestic fire sprinkler set up by our plumber in London;

2. Dry pipe systems: such a system is connected to a source of water which is filled with compressed air. They still provide an automatic protection, however the valve has to be triggered prior to the water flooding into the pipes. This type of fire sprinklers is recommended by our London plumbing professionals to decrease the risk of overfilling and bursting of the pipes.

If you need to know more about domestic fire sprinklers in London, or you need any plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly local plumbers.