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How to Install a Toilet Flange in London

How to Install a Toilet Flange in London

A toilet flange is the pipe piece which connects the toilet to the waste line. With the right tools and expertise of a plumber in London, a toilet flange installation in London is a fairly straightforward task which does not take more than a couple of hours. 

Here is how our local plumbers install a toilet flange in London.

Installation procedure of a toilet flange in London

In order to install a toilet flange, our plumbers in London take the following steps:

1.    Removing the screws which are keeping the toilet flange in London stable against the drain;
2.    Placing a spacer under the toilet flange to maintain the flange level with the tiled floor;
3.    Setting up the screws into the holes in order to connect the toilet flange to the drain. The screws must not be tightened too much by our emergencyplumber in London to avoid breaking the plastic flange;
4.    Turning the mounting bolt head on its side and inserting it into the hole in the drain flange trimmed for the mounting bolt on one side of the flange. Then, the bolt is turned a quarter and it is inserted under the flange in the slot;
5.    Pressing the wax ring from the toilet bottom around the elevated ring which is part of the toilet. Then, our local plumbers make sure it fits properly in place;
6.    Placing carefully the toilet on the drain flange and bringing it into line the wax ring with the drain;
7.    Installing the washers on the mounting bolts. Next, the nuts are threaded on every side of the toilet. By utilizing an adjustable wrench, the nuts are tightened thoroughly;
8.    Adding a caulk bed on the toilet edges at the point where it connects with the tile floor.

Proper height of a toilet flange in London, explained by plumbers near me 

When installing a toilet flange in London, our emergency plumber inLondon ensures it has the proper height, since this affects the way the toilet connects to the waste pipe. 

In case the toilet flange in London does not have the correct height, this might cause the toilet to be unstable and it could leak. 

Therefore, our local plumbers will ensure the toilet flange is perfectly leveled with the waste pipe.

If you need to install a toilet flange in London, or for any other plumbing services in London, we invite you to contact our friendly plumbers.