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How to Avoid Flooded Basements in London

How to Avoid Flooded Basements in London

Cleaning a flooded basement requires a lot of work and it can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry: before such a thing could happen, our local plumbers recommend you take measures to keep away from flooded basements.

Primary measure to avoid flooded basements in London

The most important measure in order to avoid flooded basements in London is acquiring a sump pump. Although generally they do their work, sometimes these too can fail due to a number of reasons, like power failure, clogged discharged lines, lack of maintenance etc. An emergencyplumber in London can help you buy the most suited sump pump for your house.

Most sump pumps run on electricity, so if the power is interrupted, the pump will stop functioning. Do not assume the risk of losing your sump pump at the moment when you most need it. Have a backup system set in place in case this happens. If you don’t have such a system, a plumber in London can help you.

The backup systems against flooded basements in London

There are two alternatives for sump pump backup systems recommended by qualified local plumbersto avoid flooded basements in London

•    Battery backup;
•    Water powered backup.

The battery backup system is obviously powered by a battery, therefore if your electricity gets interrupted during a storm or your circuit breaker trips, your pump will continue functioning being powered by a battery. Subject to the battery and charger size, the battery backup system can function for between 8 to 12 hours. Commonly this is enough time to pump all the residual water out of the sump pit. Our plumbers in London can provide further details on this type of system, as well as any other plumbing issue you might face.

The water powered backup system is a great way to steer clear of flooded basements in London. This system is powered by the pressure of the water which is resulted from the water supply lines of your property. Consequently, if you dispose of running water your water powered backup system will always function. Furthermore, this system does not necessitate any kind of electricity because it only relies on the water system of your house. 

You are always protected against flooded basements with a sump pump backup system set up in your house. You can rest assured that with such a system in place your property is safe and comfortable. If you would like to set up a battery backup or a water powered backup system in your house, contact our plumbers in London.