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Sewage Ejector Pump Vs. Sewage Grinder Pump

Sewage Ejector Pump Vs. Sewage Grinder Pump

Bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements where various appliances, such as washing machines and dryers are installed, need to have installed additional sewage pumping systems, as the appliances mentioned earlier will dispose of more water which needs to be collected and sent into the main sewage system.

Most homeowners in London will have ejector or grinder pumps installed in order to avoid floods, especially in unreachable places like the basement. Those who wonder which type of ejecting system should use can receive detailed information from our plumbers in London.

The sewage ejector pump in London

The sewage ejector system is usually installed when secondary pipes are located below the main sewage line, therefore the water needs to be lifted in order to reach the main line. Sewage ejector pumps are quite common in London houses which have laundry rooms in the basement.

Our plumber in London can verify your home and explain if you need to have a sewage ejector pump installed.

The sewage grinder pump, installed by plumbers near me

Sewage grinder pumps work on the same principle as ejector pumps, however, these are also equipped with grinding blades which grind solid waste before sending it to the main sewage line. Also, compared to sewage ejector systemsgrinder pumps use high pressure to elevate the waste to the level of the main pipe, however, the volume of waste will be lower than in the case of the ejector pump.

What to install: a sewage ejector pump or a grinder pump?

It is usually the emergency plumber inLondon who will guide homeowners on the type of sewage pump they should go for. In order to have an idea of the main differences between them, you should know that:

  •           both types of pumps are submersible, therefore they both work the same way;
  •           the sewage grinder pump should be used when the water is pumped directly to the main line;
  •           the sewage ejector pump should be used when the water is pumped to septic tank;
  •           the grinder pump works better when the water needs to reach a longer distance, compared to the ejector pump which works for short distances;
  •           the grinder pump is more suitable for higher vertical distances compared to the ejector pump.

If you need to have a sewage pump installed in your home, please contact our local plumbers.