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Install a Drip Irrigation System in London

Install a Drip Irrigation System in London

drip irrigation system represents a type of irrigation which uses water and fertilizer economically by enabling the water to run slowly on the plant roots. It can be installed by  our emergency plumber inLondon to irrigate directly the root areas or on the surface of the ground. 

For a garden that provides edible plants, drip irrigation should be a must because it helps with the prevention of weeds and fungal diseases. In this article, our plumbers in London describe the main steps which they follow when installing a drip irrigation system in London.

Drip irrigation system installation in London

The drip irrigation system installation in London effectuated by our local plumbers consists of:

•    Turning on the water source. Generally, it can be done through an outdoor faucet;
•    Assembling the main unit. This begins with the timer, if the client requested one, then an antisiphon unit, main filter, fertilizer injector (optional), swivel adapter and pressure regulator;
•    Placing the main-line tubing inside the swivel adapter. The main line from the garden to the faucet is laid out;
•    Adding the branch lines over the individual plants and any emitter streaks;
•    Cutting the main line to attach the branch lines;
•    After all the pieces are installed, the water is allowed to flow through the drip irrigation system in London to clean it;
•    Adding the separate emitters and microtubing to the lines of the branch;
•    Finally, the plumber in London will verify if there are any leaks, clean any clogged emitters and put in place the wayward tubing or emitter lines.

Benefits of a drip irrigation system in London

drip irrigation system in London has the following advantages:

•    It enables the safe use of recycled non-drinkable water;
•    The efficiency of the water application is superior, if it is managed appropriately;
•    It does not require field levelling;
•    It can also be used on irregularly shaped fields;
•    Nutrient and fertilizer waste are minimized because of the precise application and diminished leaching;
•    Other benefits. Our plumber in London can offer more details on what these other benefits are.

If you need to install a drip irrigation system in London, it is recommended to have this job done by professionals to avoid water and time waste. Please contact our emergency plumber in London for assistance.