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Install a Whole-House Water Filter in London

Install a Whole-House Water Filter in London

whole-house water filter in London is a system which enables you to solve a wide variety of issues which affect the quality, taste and appearance of the water.

With such a system, the entire water coming into the house will go through a filter before being directed to faucets, appliances and toilets in the property.

In this article, our plumber in London explains how he installs a whole-house water filter in London and what the benefits of such a system can be.

Steps taken to set up a whole-house water filter in London, explained by local plumbers

Here are the steps taken by our plumbers in London to set up this type of system:

1.    Draining the system: the water supply is shut off. Then, from the lowest place in the house, a faucet is opened to release the tension and drain the water from the plumbing system;
2.    Cutting the pipe: after deciding on the location of the whole-house water filter in London, a section of the pipe is cut by using a cutter;
3.    Attaching the fittings: a compression nut, with the small end first, is placed on one of the cut pipe ends. Next, the ferrule is slid and the same procedure is repeated for the other end;
4.    Placing the filter: the whole-house water filter in London is installed so that the water flow comes into the “in” port and gets out through the “out” one. The filter is positioned on the water line;
5.    Turning on the water: the kit of the filter is delivered with a distinctive handle utilized to turn the inlet valve on top in various positions: off, bypass and filter. The valve is switched to the off position and then, the water is gradually turned back on at the main shutoff valve. The filter is verified for any leaks;
6.    Changing the filter as necessary: the filter cartridge will have to be changed at intervals advised by the manufacturer; our local plumbers can provide more details. 

Benefits of a whole-house water filter in London

When having a whole-house water filter installed by an emergency plumber in London, you can enjoy different benefits, such as:

•    Filtered, clean water at every water source in your home;
•    Chlorine and other chemicals in the water are eliminated;
•    Cleaner clothing, because the water is chlorine and chemical-free;
•    A healthier drinking water.

If you need to set up a whole-house water filter in London, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly team.

We invite you to address to us in the case in which you want to replumb a house or an apartment located in any region of London. For instance, if you have a 3 bedroom house, the overall costs can be of GBP 15,000.

This sum includes the materials and the work carried out by our team. The materials usually cost around GBP 9,000, while the rest refers to the price of the work developed by our plumbers.

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