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Types of Water Heater Systems

Types of Water Heater Systems

Water heaters make our lives more comfortable by enabling us to use hot water in our homes. They are useful in conserving water, which is a good thing for the environment and they help us save our money on water bills. In this article, our plumbers in London present a few different types of water heater systems you can choose from.

1. Gas-powered water heaters in London

Gas-powered water heaters utilize gas for heating the water. They are very important in saving time and money because they have a high speed in heating the water.

However, they are not able to heat it as fast as the electric ones. Our plumber in London can give you more details on this type of water heater system.

2. Tankless water heaters, installed by plumbers near me 

Tankless water heaters utilize intense heat flashes against water-filled coils which heat the water fast. These systems are more energy-efficient compared to the conventional storage tank types, however, their initial price is higher.

The tankless water heaters can be sized to confer a continuous water flow. They are recommended by our plumbers in London to be set up by families which are large and have a greater water demand at once.

3. Electric heat pump water heater systems in London

This type of water heater systems is powered by electricity and it functions to increase the heat it draws from the air, then being able to transfer this heat to the water which is stored in a tank.

Since they function by using the environment, the electric heat pump water heaters are mostly recommended by our emergency plumber inLondon in hot climates such as the one in our city-state, where the technology could be up to three times more energy efficient compared to the traditional ones.

4. Solar water heater systems, presented by local plumbers 

Solar water heaters use the sun as the fuel. They have heat panels which are usually set up on the roof tops, so that they can attract the heat utilized for heating the water.

They are less expensive and do not cause pollution to the environment. Besides, they enable homeowners to become independent and do not rely on costly gas and electric water heater systems.

If you have more queries about water heater systems, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact us.

Our team can present the costs associated with water heater systems and you can also find out from us the costs you can expect to pay if you want to replumb a house. This can sometimes go above GBP 15,000, depending on the size of the property and the types of pipes chosen.

For instance, in a semi-detached house, the overall cost can be of GBP 13,000, calculated for a 4 bedroom house.

If you will want to start this complex procedure, you must know that it is best to replace the current pipes with copper or steel pipes. Our plumber in Ilford can present the main advantages of these pipes, compared to the advantages of other pipes.

The price for copper pipes varies from GBP 3 to GBP 7 and if you will change the entire plumbing of a 4 bedroom house, it can cost around GBP 13,000.