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What to Do if the Toilet Overflows

What to Do if the Toilet Overflows

An overflowing toilet is a common plumbing issue. It can be quite worrying and, indeed, it can create a lot of damage in your bathroom. Here is what to do if the toilet overflows: have our plumber in London come and fix the issue. We are trained professionals and we know exactly what to do to minimize the damages and fix your toilet as soon as possible.

Steps taken by plumbers near me to fix an overflowing toilet in London

When dealing with an overflowing toilet, our plumbers in London take the following steps:

Closing the toilet valve: this will stop the toilet from overflowing. Our local plumbers will look for the main shutoff valve of the toilet, which is usually found under the tank at the back of it. The valve is turned to close it;

Stopping the water flow from inside the toilet tank: in case the valve cannot be shut off, the water flow will have to be stopped from inside of the tank. If the flapper or the rubber disk which covers the hole at the inferior side of the tank is open, it is closed;

Unclogging the toilet: afterwards, our plumber will have to fix the reason for the overflowing toilet, which is the toilet clog. He will attempt to do this with a plunger first. In case that is not working, a plumbing snake or an auger will be used to clear the clog.

When dealing with an overflowing toilet, it is extremely important to have a professional plumber fix this issue. 

Remember, a toilet which overflows at repeated intervals of time can indicate a blockage in the external plumbing vents.

Also, this issue could signal a clogged drain line or a sewer line problem. To fix them, the help of professionally trained local plumbers will be necessary.

After the toilet in London has stopped overflowing

After a toilet has stopped flowing, our emergencyplumber in London advises you to:

• Stop utilizing all toilets, sinks and other plumbing appliances;

• In case only one toilet is blocked, the issue most probably is just with that one. In case more toilets are affected, there could be a blocked system drain or a failing septic field;

• Check the appliances on the superior floors, which helps to realize if the upstairs drains are functioning properly or they are just backing up into the lower drains.

If you have an overflowing toilet, or for any other plumbing services in London, please get in touch with us.